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Meet Skylight Pleated Blinds made to measure from FamilyRollo!

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Skylight pleated blinds.

One of the most modern and innovative features to cover skylight windows is a skylight pleated blind fitted close to the window. The pleat installed on the skylight window is an ideal combination of decoration and exceptional functionality. Their extraordinary advantages include, above all, the creation of an appropriate climate and the completion of the design of the whole room, but also the appropriate dimming and thermal insulation. These blinds can also be mounted on roof Windows that already have mosquito nets.

We only work with the best manufacturers who provide us with the best materials and product quality, so we guarantee that our products are of the highest quality. The inner skylight blinds are also one of the most creative window covers. They will give your interior a unique character and will certainly not be boring. We are proud to say that our pleat will transform any interior and space into a little prestige and luxury.

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Skylight blind - a wide range of low-priced options.

We have been on the market for many years and we make our customers happy with a wide range of blinds and shutters that reveal the view behind the window and gain more privacy. The skylight windows are very specific and require a blind which is specially designed. We offer you the design of your own pleat, which will perfectly fit your attic window.

In addition, we offer a wide range of fabric colors and types of blinds systems. The individual approach to the customer is something that is a priority for us, so we guarantee that we take your order very seriously. We are committed to the highest quality of our services and are committed to meeting the needs of the most demanding customers.

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Why trust us?

FamilyRollo has been a brand that has been in the window industry for many years with additional accessories. We do our products and jobs very meticulously and solidly, so we have collected a range of trusted customers around us. We have a wide range of window covers so everyone can easily find something for themselves, such as curtains, blinds, day and night, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, mosquito net, or skylight-window covers.

Skylight pleated blinds are one of these categories on the side that is considered to be a bestseller, as it is an ideal sun visor that fits into the interior style, but its functionality also supports contemporary interiors by reflecting sunlight, protecting them from excessive room heat. what is particularly important for the attic. If you need help or have additional questions, we are at your disposal. In addition, you will find out how to get a discount on your order in the current promotions.

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How do skylight blinds work?

Roof blind is a product that has many advantages that customers often don't know. The skylight blind consists of a folded fabric that moves on special twines between the bundle profiles. The twines are further reinforced to avoid the shade of the blind fabric mounted on the roof window. The skylight pleats also has 4 profiles ( as opposed to the standard pleated blinds for vertical windows ) that reinforce it so that it can perform its functions for a very long time. With this system, you can keep the blind in any position on the roof window, ensuring the darkness you need at any time.

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The skylight blind is fitted with a top-down system, which consists of operating using a lower and upper beam. The easy operation of the pleat is at your fingertips by simply pulling on the handle and placing the pleat at any place and anywhere on the roof window as you need it.

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Fabrics for skylight pleated blind

A pleated material that is laid in a harmonica gives you the ability to fold the material like in venetian blinds. The complex pleat takes up very little space and, thanks to the uniform folds of the fabric, it always consists of a very esthetic harmony. The materials of our skylight pleated blinds are specialized polyester fabrics designed for their production. The high quality of our fabrics is confirmed by hygiene certificates and the Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certification. Materials are fully health-safe and meet global requirements for hazardous chemicals. Choose from a wide range of fabrics and choose from a range of beautiful colors that can easily fit into your curtains, carpet, sofa, or other décor.

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Fabric types for the skylight pleats.

There are two types of fabrics for skylight pleated blinds:

  • dimmable - a wide range of colors will make the fabric optimally dim the room on sunny days, depending on the color you choose, but also has the advantage of partial heat reduction, thanks to gentle UV protection.
  • thermal insulation - these are tinted fabrics in a variety of colors with an internal aluminum or pearl coating to improve the insulation of the room.
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Skylight pleated blinds, thermal insulation

We offer special skylight pleated blinds with a thermal insulation coating for roof windows that we do for you. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we guarantee excellent quality and meet your needs. You can select both the size and color of the blind. The option of a honeycomb insulated fabric is only available for vertical window pleats, while the skylight pleated blind is better for single fabrics with a thermal pearl coating, which is silver. This is ideal for roof windows because in attic rooms we often want it to be bright.

Heat insulating fabrics not only protect against the sun but also from excessive room heating. Controlling the light and room temperature is important for a bedroom or kids' room, as they reflect sunlight effectively and block too much light from entering the room. If you have an outer brand or other external product on your roof window, it is also worth having a skylight blind to protect the room properly without completely obscuring it.

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Skylight pleated blind - mechanism.

The skylight blind, as mentioned above, consists of a folded fabric that moves on special twines between the profiles of a pleated blind. The mechanism itself is very convenient to use because it allows the pleat to be raised and lowered from the top to bottom and vice versa, unlike other covers such as material blinds or Roman blinds. We have a range of materials in different colors so that each customer can tailor them to their interior individually. Unlike the skylight blind in a cassette, which has two color options, skylight pleated blinds are only available as a white system color.

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Skylight pleated blind – how to take measurement?

When choosing the configuration details of your dream pleated blind fitted skylight window, it is important to note that these are inner blinds that will fit perfectly with your roof window type if measurements are taken according to our measurement instructions. In the case of a skylight pleated blind, it is sufficient to indicate the window size and the seals at height and width.

If you need help measuring pleats, or if they are difficult to assemble, we can help you with any issue.

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Skylight blind and skylight pleated blind into roof Windows.

The FamilyRollo offers a wide range of products to measure. These also include fabric blinds for skylight windows. It is worth mentioning because it is a typical material blind, similar to those mounted on ordinary vertical windows. Skylight blinds also come in different colors, but also available are thermal insulation fabrics that are ideal for direct sunlight reflection and protect against overheating during the summer season, where we know it, the attic is very easy to feel adverse work conditions or other everyday activities, such as in a bedroom or other attic room.


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The skylight pleated blinds allow you to conveniently adjust the amount of daylight entering the room. They can be placed anywhere in the window and are an excellent way to adjust the daylight and improve privacy. The skylight pleated blinds are hand-operated positioning handles that are located in the center of the pleat profiles and are extremely easy to use. The skylight pleated blinds are mounted to the top and bottom of the roof window frame and move through the metal twines for smooth shifting adjustment. Simply use the handle on the lower or upper part of the blind and lift or lower as required. Special control handles can be purchased for easier handling of the manually controlled blind.


Cleaning, and skylight pleated blind

The skylight pleated blind is one of the most comfortable window covers because it is easy to keep the window clean. All you need to do is clean it regularly, remove stains or dirt on the spot while you're still cleaning up your home, so that can continue to do the job by reflecting the sun or by dimming your attic. The fabric of the skylight pleated blind covers the impregnation-specific, which prevents dust from sticking and dirt from entering the fabric of the blind. Most of the dirt is wiped off with the school eraser and the stronger, damp, soft cloth without detergent. The material of the skylight pleated blind is also suitable for vacuum cleaning with the soft hair tip of the vacuum cleaner.

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If you are unsure which fabric will be best for your skylight pleated blind, please note that you can order up to 5 free samples of fabrics and get 5% off your nearest order. This is the best way to get to know what you're looking for. You can also select samples of fabrics or lamellas for other products, such as bedroom curtains, sun-protection material blinds, designer Roman blinds, interior blinds, and mosquito systems.

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By ordering skylight pleated blinds in our online shop, you get a 2-year quality guarantee. With our warranty, you can rest assured that in the event of any problem, we will ensure that your products continue to perform their functions. In addition to the basic warranty, we include a measurement compatibility guarantee, which means that if the file is too large and does not fit on your window, we are very happy to reduce the size of your window, and this service is free of charge. If you are not sure whether you have sized the windows correctly, please contact us and we will explain everything, we will answer each question, but you will also make sure you have the correct size.

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