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The day and night blinds, roller blinds, pleats, or venetian blinds are now in windows in virtually any home. In fact, it would be possible to say that they are slowly replacing traditional coffee curtains and curtains. All thanks to functionality and simple design. Everyone wants to have control of the light flow into the home and of their own privacy at any time. Windows are a very specific building element to which a personalized approach is needed – there are no standard window sizes, so each can have different parameters.

The FamilyRollo is a professional brand that offers its customers high-quality blinds for your home. We value customer contact, so we have a separate, personal approach for each of you. We realize that your expectations for the blinds may vary greatly, so we will carefully and accurately execute every order.

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What should be considered when selecting blinds?

The most important criterion to consider when choosing window blinds is the room in which they will be located. Each room has its own specifications and requires a fit between the blind and its design. In our range, you can easily adjust the inner blinds to suit any room.

The composition and color of the room is also important aspect that you must not forget. Although the blinds are considered to be very versatile, it is worth to co-play with the décor of the entire apartment and complementing each other - the blind may be the same color as the wall or the furniture in it, but it may also be the only aspect that stands out in the room, what adds to the interior of the character. This product is ideal for traditional, Scandinavian, rustic, modern, but also Glamour rooms. soft, boho, or eclectic.

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Blinds from FamilyRollo – wide range for every pocket!

We have been on the market for many years, so we have gained a lot of experience and know what needs to be met to satisfy the most demanding customers. Every job is unique to us and we take it with rigor and professionalism. We are committed to developing our brand to ensure that our products meet the current criteria and fit perfectly into homes, flats, offices, and hotels.

The blinds available in our store are characterized by quality, low price, wide selection, durability, detailed development, sturdy construction, and a unique design, but above all, the ability to make selected roller blinds to your own size, ensuring a perfect fit.

We only work with those manufacturers who will guarantee the best quality of semi-finished products. By implementing this kind of policy, we have gathered a group of trusted and dedicated customers around us who return to us for new blinds or recommend us to others! The low price of the blinds is also a factor that influences our success.

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What can we offer You?

Our selection of blinds is very broad. We have made sure that our customers have the choice and choose the perfect blind, whatever their taste.

We offer you a range of products, blinds :

  • Roman blinds – their distinctive feature is how they are folded, because the fabric is not folded like other blinds, but folded and creates an elegant fold when it is lifted. The resulting valances make it incredibly attractive, even if you leave it only halfway through the window.
  • Roller blinds – this is one of the most common ways to cover windows in your home or flat. They are adjusted by lifting and lowering the fabric cover with a chain.
  • Day and Night blinds – a very interesting and popular type of blinds, because their alternating stripes of fabric, a hidden and transparent band, allow accurate light control based on time of day or mood.
  • Skylight blinds - available in pleated and traditional fabric versions, the fabric is wound onto a spring-loaded winding tube to keep the fabric under tension and out of curl.
  • Pleated blinds - extremely comfortable and functional for everyday use. The fabric in this window cover looks like a folding harmonica and is placed between two profiles that can be moved up and down. Both the design and the mounting system in do not limit the window opening.

Each model can be personalized by yourself and you can choose the color, pattern, fabric, method of adjustment, and above all, your own dimension. We are open to a variety of suggestions and special wishes for the look and functionality of the blinds.

Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, so we strive to work as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our specialists are committed to meeting the needs of even the most demanding customers.

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High quality and low price is a priority!

We would like to invite you to get to know the full range of blinds available from us.

Choose from a variety of categories, models, fabrics in different colors, and other accessories that are easy to match your needs. If you have not found enough information about a topic or just have questions or additional questions, please contact us by phone and our service will help you solve the problem and advise you which range is best suited to your needs. Good customer contact and satisfaction, but also answers to your questions are a priority! Our professional and experienced staff are all about us, so with the FamilyRollo, you'll find the best place to get a low-cost, high-quality blind. We also encourage you to visit other categories and be confident of their high quality and refinement.

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Fabrics for blinds.

In our store, you will find a huge range of fabrics in a variety of colors to suit every customer's needs for maximum comfort and functionality.

All window blinds offered can be divided into blackout, dimmed, and transparent blinds, so the light supply can be controlled not only by expanding and folding the blind but also by choosing a fabric suitable for the flat. Protecting you from the excessive sun on hot days, lights, or the sight of pedestrians will ensure you have the comfort you want and the feeling of privacy.

Window blinds also have pearl-coated fabrics to protect the interior by thermal insulation, as sunlight can heat the room during summer seasons. For different rooms, consider different fabrics, for example, in the bedroom, use thermal insulation and blackout facilities to ensure darkness during the day or night, but also to protect the room from excessive sunlight.

The most frequently asked questions related to the colors of the fabrics, but above all to the degree of darkness of the fabric. Whether you choose day and night blinds, roman blinds, pleated blinds ( pleats ), or ordinary blackout roller blinds, you may want to read about them. Perfect-fitting blinds will make you feel comfortable in all rooms, both in the bedroom and in the living room. For example, a day and night blind, and a roman blind can be used in the kitchen or living room, and for the bedroom, choose from a roller blind or a day night blind in a blackout fabric in the cassette that makes it easy to fall asleep in the dark, even on a very sunny day.

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Methods of fitting the blind.

When choosing the blind, it is important to consider how to install it first. We have both stable invasive blind mounting, but also no drill mounting, which is the perfect alternative for those who do not want to drill holes in windows.

Each of our products will be applied to your interior depending on your installation preferences and own taste. We offer quick access to measurement, installation instructions, descriptions, and helpline information when you need help choosing. The available mounting types are window mounted, ceiling mounted, or Window recessed ceiling. Each type of blind installation also depends on the dimensions given or the design of the blind. Both pleated, roller blinds, Roman and day and night blinds feature no drill window frame mounting.

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Shopping safety.

When you place an order in our store, you can contact us at any time about your order. We will advise you in all of you and answer each question with integrity. If you have an unusual window, you need help dimensioning your blind, or just want to make sure you've done everything right - call or email us and we're hearing your concerns. In addition, you get 2 years of warranty on each of our products, but also a guarantee of measurement compatibility when placing your order. It's that if the blinds or venetian blinds were too big, we'll reduce them for free to fit perfectly into your interior.

You can pay for your orders through the Stripe. You will automatically receive an order confirmation when you place your order. We want to ensure that you are secure, and guaranteed, regardless of the situation.

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Which fabric should You choose?

First of all, consider what made to measure blinds are intended to be used as a function, whether they are blackout blinds, dimming or decorative. A well-chosen blind fabric not only adds esthetics to the interior but also provides comfortable working or relaxation conditions. Window blinds have been replacing carnies, coffee curtains, and curtains for their cleaning and maintenance benefits.

The blind fabric has a special coating that prevents dust from entering it, making it ideal for a wide variety of interior designs - even kitchen, functional thanks to its design, regulates the light flow as you want, but also prevents you from being covered by the sun.

We have a range of made to measure roller blinds and different models. The blackout blinds in the cassette fit perfectly into the bedroom, Roman blinds with curtain fabric will distract sunlight and fit into the living room, and day and night or pleated blinds are ideal for kitchens, offices, or even bathrooms, as they are well-regulate the light. With filters, you can choose the right fabric by dividing by the amount of darkness and color. Our range of products also includes thermal insulation fabrics, which are particularly beneficial for western or southern windows, as they dim the interior, but above all protect against excessive sunlight.

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Types of blinds.

Models, mounting methods, or accessories can also affect the features of the blind. Blackout blinds in the cassette can blackout the interior completely, as they come with guides that block the light that will be drawn even on the sides of the fabric. Day and night blinds made to measure will be found in virtually all rooms, as it is a product that can be used as both curtains and cover. Our window blinds made to measure cassette have invasive and no drill mounting depending on your preference, but they also fit into different interiors.

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