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Window mosquito nets.

A simple and very effective solution to protect us from the insect invasion, especially during spring and summer periods, is a mosquito-frame-mounted window. The FamilyRollo mosquito nets are the perfect solution for your home because it offers comfort, a perfect fit for size, easy installation and removal that everyone can handle, and is also non-invasive - no drilling required.

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Properties of frame mosquito nets.

The FamilyRollo modern frame mosquito nets are made of high-quality aluminum profiles in a variety of colors, powder-coated, which can be adapted directly to your Windows. The mosquito frame is fitted with a mesh of PVC-coated glass fiber, which is coated with gray plastic, so that dust and insects are free from marks, allowing light to pass into the room, and keep the window clear view. The mesh has rectangular holes with a size of 1 mm x 1 mm, making it ideal for insect protection. Window mosquito net coatings are extremely weather-resistant, so they can be used all year round or cleaned and stored for the winter season for the last longer.

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The advantages of frame mosquito nets.

Mosquito nets have many advantages, for example, they prevent not only from insects, but also from dust and dirt that can enter your home or flat through a window. It is an excellent choice for people who want to be clean and hygienic. The grids are also recommended for allergies, as they will always protect the room from larger allergens particles, but they will also block the entry of insects that can be followed by dangerous allergic reactions, such as the wasp or bumblebee.

Another advantage of the frame mosquito net is their ecology because, unlike other insect traps, they do not deprive them of their lives, but only limit their entry into the room, which also works to protect our health, eliminates the need for chemical products to be used on insects.

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High-quality workmanship

The size of the holes in the grid has been chosen to effectively block insects without hindering the circulation of the air and without hiding the view behind the window. The mosquito net is delivered to the customer in a self-installation component, as shipping in a composite form could damage them during transport. The measurement and installation instructions for the mosquito net have all the information necessary for measuring and assembling and they are available at any time through our Web site. This is a very convenient solution because the products are delivered in small packages, so they can be easily moved to another location before folding.

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In which Windows mosquito nets can be installed?

Frame mosquito net from FamilyRollo can be mounted in both normally closed and normally closed and tilting Windows. The window mosquito net is made to a dimension, so you can order any size. The maximum possible width is 1500 mm and the maximum height is 2200 mm. We take individual orders and, we are happy to advise you on both measurement, installation, and application possibilities.

Our mosquito nets are mounted without drilling, on the locking bolts, which are gentle enough to prevent damage to the seals and, at the same time, are very stable in place to protect your room. Our mosquito net fit nearly any window. Unfortunately, they cannot be applied to attic Windows and Windows with a drip cap, or mobile bar windows because they are mounted on a window frame from the outside.

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No-drill installation of mosquito nets

Installation of a mosquito net on a window does not require drilling holes in the window frame. Without the help of a specialist, you can easily install it using special locking lugs that do not violate the window frame. This clamping technique makes it easy to install and remove at the same time. The use of locking lugs also results in additional filers to keep them clean, as they are easy to remove, wash in a bath or shower, and re-install, which takes literally 5 minutes.

The mosquito net installation also does not interfere with other products such as outer blinds, pleated blinds, materials, and more. The insect grids are simply inserted into the frame profile according to the installation instructions and then cut off the excess, after the mosquito locking lugs are fitted, it is ready to be fitted on the window.

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Mosquito nets esthetics.

The high-quality components used in manufacturing make the mosquito net not going to ruin the appearance of our window. We have designed every detail and a wide range of profiles in different colors. FamilyRollo offers white, brown, anthracite frames, but also gold oak and walnut. This allows you to choose the right mosquito profile to match the colors of our window frames. The profiles are coated with powder paint, which is weather-resistant, and will not change color. Mosquito profiles are designed in such a way that they do not affect the opening and closing of Windows.

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Practical application.

The use of mosquito nets is suitable for both a parter house and a flat floor, regardless of location. The insect-proof mesh is made of glass fiber, making the mosquito net extremely weather-resistant, but also difficult to damage mechanically. These simple solutions allow you to relax in any of your interiors or spend a hot day with open windows without worrying about the different types of insects going into your apartment.

Our products will make summer even more beautiful, especially in the evenings and at night, where you can be free to fall asleep without worrying about flying mosquitoes.

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Cleaning and maintenance of mosquito nets.

The net is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle brush. Systematic home-side vacuum cleaning without dismantling the mosquito will ensure good air circulation and excellent visibility. The aluminum frames can be cleaned with a cloth with a mild detergent. When changing the season from summer to winter or vice versa, it is advisable to remove the mosquito net completely and wash it in a bath or shower with a sponge with a mild detergent such as dishwashing liquid. Then simply rinse and re-install after drying. With more periodic cleaning, mosquitoes nets will be resistant and durable for a long time.

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How to measure a window, frequently asked questions.

Download the measurement guide, measure the window according to it and you'll find how it easy to determine the right dimensions. Enter the width and height on our configurator page and you will immediately be able to see the price of your selected mosquito net. The mosquito net mounted mesh is only gray, because it is against the appearance that it does not obstruct the window view and is least visible in the window frame, and at the same time makes the dust deposited on it not so visible on a daily basis, and, as for white grids.

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How to order a mosquito net?

The dimensions of the mosquito net are determined by yourself using the measurement instructions, where illustrations are also shown to facilitate the taking of dimensions. It's easy to place your order. Simply add a voluntary mosquito net to your shopping cart and then add them to your shopping cart after you complete the data. Window mosquito net is sent to a courier company, so it will be delivered straight under your door.

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Where to apply the window mosquito net?

Window mosquito nets or roller mosquito nets are ideal for homes, flats, offices, shops, boarding houses, and even camper vans. This means you can forget about flies, mosquitoes, and other insects, as well as pollutions contaminants. It is worth adding that it is so discreet that it does not adversely affect the arrangement of the window. It can be mounted on windows using special locking lugs. This makes installation and removal quick and requires no interference with the window frame structure. There's no need to tap, stick or drill holes, so you won't get dirty your interior. The window mosquito net is made of tough material to keep you on the go for many seasons.

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What is included in the assembly kit?

In the assembly package you will receive from us: 4 powder-coated aluminum profiles, 4 mosquito net corners in color, PVC-coated glass fiber mesh, a profile mesh seal, universal screw-on locking lugs, a grid press-fit tool in a mosquito frame profile, a handle to assist in mounting mosquito in a window.

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Guarantee of quality.

When you order a window mosquito net in our shop, you get a 2-year quality guarantee. With our warranty, you can rest assured that if there is a problem, we will make sure that your products continue to perform their functions. In addition to the basic warranty, we also include a measurement compatibility guarantee, which means that if you order a larger mosquito net, which does not fit into your window, we are very happy to reduce the size of the mosquito net specifically for you, and this service is free of charge. If you are not sure whether you have sized the Windows correctly, please contact us and we will explain everything, we will answer each question, but you will also make sure you have the correct size.

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Where are mosquito nets especially recommended?

If you live close to the forest, there is a lake next to your windows, trees or a lot of green space, and you're struggling with a lot of flies and mosquitoes in your home, our mosquito net is perfect for you. If you just don't like mosquitoes, wasps, fruit flies, and other insects, coming in the spring and summer, the mosquito net will do its job for a hundred percent. The elegant design of our frame mosquito net, its functionality, and the protection of your interior meets the needs of even the most demanding customers.

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In summary, why should I?

  • At any time of day or night, you can open the window and enjoy the rays of the sun or summer wind, but also simply ventilate the room without worrying about the insect going into your home.
  • There's no time to chase insects out of home.
  • It's better than insect chemicals, including allergies and those with children or animals. It does not inhale chemical fumes, but it is also not harmful to insects.
  • The Familyrollo mosquito net is self-installation-ready, so not enough to be able to easily install it, you'll also be very satisfied with your own installation, but you'll also save money that would be spent on a fitter.
  • We also offer a variety of mosquito net accessories
  • You'll get additional savings because the mosquito net is a very durable cover that can be used for many years but also protects your health by eliminating the need for chemical insect agents.
  • The frame mosquito net can be removed at any time, for example, for washing or for winter.
  • It protects you, your children, and the pets of various insects.
  • They are exceptionally practical, elegant, tailored to the color of your Windows, light and stable, and most importantly, give you the special relief you deserve in the summer.
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