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Vertical Blinds - ideal solution for larger-sized interiors.

Due to their high functionality and elegant look, made-to-measure vertical blinds are used both in flats and houses as well as offices, companies, conference rooms, etc. A wide range of colours of lamellas allows to perfectly match the blinds with the interior décor. 

They are mainly associated with office spaces, conference rooms, assembly halls or public buildings such as schools, universities, libraries, offices or hospitals. However, the high quality of both systems and lamella fabrics as well as a wide selection of colours make vertical blinds more and more frequently applied also in private houses and flats. Our hygienic and non-flammable certificates enable installation in public utility institutions such as schools, banks and hospitals. 


Why choose vertical blinds?

Made-to-measure vertical blinds make it possible to precisely adjust the level of light entering a room, which improves working comfort. They provide ideal protection against excessive heat and are perfect for covering larger areas, such as glazed walls or for dividing rooms in comparison with other covers. Verticals will certainly transform your interior, providing exceptional design and comfort.

The vertical blind is both a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution, particularly for offices. The possibility of smooth adjustment of lamellas allows for their optimal use. Depending on the time of day, the angle of incidence of the light or its intensity, the lamellas may completely cover the windows, cover them only partially or practically not at all. What is very important, blinds for offices enable control of the light incidence direction. This makes it much easier to work on computers in the room, neutralising the effect of sun rays reflecting on monitors.

Their main advantage is the ability to cover even the largest glazing. It is enough to install two, three or four blinds next to each other to obtain the effect of a coherent whole on the entire glazing. Thanks to this system, you gain unlimited possibilities of creating a product which will be perfect and practical for your interior.

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Lamellas for vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds use hanging lamellas placed vertically. Vertical blinds made to measure have a wide range of types and colours of lamellas manufactured from polyester fabrics. The width of the slats is 127 mm and they are made of high quality fabric which makes them look very elegant. The vertical blind system is available in white colour. By adjusting the chain mechanism we control the positioning of the slats, which means we can control the light flow at the same time. The fabric of the strips is soft and the whole system is designed so that the lamellas fit together perfectly and look good. Straight slats are equipped with special weights, they also have a chain connection thanks to which they do not stand out from the surface of the window and they lay flush with it. The fabrics are available in various colours, but also in a wide range of patterns and structures, so you will easily find a perfect match for your interior.

It is worth emphasising that the fabrics used for the production of vertical blinds are durable, resistant to fading and staining and, most importantly, non-flammable. They have all required certificates and can be successfully installed also in rooms where small children stay. They are very universal and come in many variations. Lamella fabrics are available in shading, blackout and thermal insulation versions.

Based on the details provided in the description of each fabric, you can easily choose the right fabric for you. For complete confidence and colour consistency, you can order free fabric samples for your home at any time.

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Lamella fabric.

The lamella material is soft, which does not mean that it is unsightly. Because the material is soft, it allows air to circulate even when covered. When tilted, when the strips are placed at right angles to the window pane, they are also arranged aesthetically and evenly. Even when the windows are slightly ajar and gusts of wind or a gentle draught move the fabric, it remains in place without disturbing people in the room due to the fact that it is connected to a chain at the bottom and appropriately weighted. The entire system is designed so that the lamellas fit together perfectly and lay beautifully, even over large dimensions in height and width.

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Measurement of vertical blinds.

Our products are suitable for self-measuring and self-assembly, but the measurements themselves should be taken with our measuring guide, which contains all the necessary information to make sure that the products will fit perfectly. All files are available at all times on our website for you to use at any time. Unlike products mounted on the window frame such as roller blinds or pleated blinds, vertical blinds can be made in much larger dimensions and cover even the largest glazed areas. 

If you need a dimension larger than 2700mm, order two separate vertical blinds which, when installed side by side, will become coherent and their slats will blend together perfectly. Additionally, by specifying the width of both blinds yourself, you influence where the centre will be between them.

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Installation of vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds have a robust, invasive installation method using clips to the ceiling or on brackets to the wall, so their installation does not affect the type of window you have in your home. The top rail is made of high quality aluminium. The blinds are operated with strings and beads. The string is used to move the blinds, while the beads are used to turn the slats, allowing you to adjust the light coming in. All files, both measurement and assembly instructions, are available all the time on our website, so that you can use them at any time.

The rail can be mounted anywhere on the ceiling and thus create a sheltered area in the room in the style of a partition wall or a symbolic door. This solution is ideal for beauty parlours, doctors' surgeries, aesthetic medicine surgeries and generally wherever it is necessary to create a separate area without having to build additional walls. Nothing stands in the way of installing them in private rooms either. If you like modern solutions, value functionality and are not fond of traditional curtains and drapes, vertical blinds will win you over in the role of, for example, covering a large terrace window.


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Operation of vertical blinds.

The slats rotate 180 degrees around their own axis, thanks to which they protect rooms against the sun and unwanted glances from the outside, at the same time not fully obscuring the view outside the window. Depending on the chosen system, vertical blinds can be slid to any side, inside or outside. The rail is mounted to the wall or ceiling and vertical strips of the chosen fabric are fastened to it. Each of them can be unfastened and replaced. Vertical blinds have always been popular due to the comfort of use and the possibility of using them for large glazed areas. Designer solutions and beautiful fabrics make them an ideal interior decoration. Additionally, for this type of product, you can choose an electric control for the beads in the form of SMART motor from our Accessories section, where all the data about it can be found.

If you have any questions about our product, please use the contact form or give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


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Advantages of vertical blinds.

  • A wide range of fabrics similar to roller blinds with various levels of light transmission, smooth or with decorative patterns allows for a unique decorative effect. In case of large glazings, vertical blinds will fulfil their function perfectly
  • the possibility of rotation through 180 degrees guarantees freedom and precision in adjusting the light inlet
  • They are perfect for both classic and modern interiors, but also suit an office or conference room
  • possibility to produce louvers in very large dimensions: width from 1000 to 2700mm and height from 1500 to 4000mm
  • possibility to build large walls of vertical blinds by ordering several vertical blinds and installing them next to each other
  • extremely comfortable and easy control of vertical blinds with strings and chain with a choice of control side
vertikale w świetle słońca.png

Vertical blind, and wooden blind.

Vertical blinds, in their construction and operation may slightly resemble wooden or aluminium blinds, however, the difference is that the slats used in their construction are arranged vertically and not horizontally as in the case of wooden blinds. Verticals are often the solution of choice for balcony windows and other large window frames, as they blend in best with them, but also enable more comfortable use than other products such as roller blinds, shutters or pleated blinds.

Their next advantage worth mentioning is the fact that they can be purchased in many different types of fabrics from heavily shading to gently shading, unlike wooden or aluminium blinds which only have different colours of slats. Thanks to this, the vertical blind is so widely used, both in flats, in children's rooms, but also in public buildings, and it works well in virtually any interior.

vertikale w salonie w stylu klasycznym.png

How to choose the colour of Verticals for your interior?

The colour of the covers is generally chosen to match the style of the interior décor and the effect we want to achieve. In some cases the key may be to accentuate the colour or draw attention to a decorative pattern, while in others it will be important to create a delicate background to the overall style chosen for the room.

The available palette of colours, patterns and fabric structures will allow you to configure your blind accordingly. It is always worth remembering, however, that in smaller rooms lighter colours work better, without decorative patterns, which will optically enlarge them. In large interiors you can definitely go more wild with the choice of the fabric.

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