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Pleated blinds DUO.

One of the proposals we have for our customers is Pleated blinds DUO that is produced to a dimension is an esthetic and innovative product that fits perfectly in every window and in every interior due to its unique material. It is a modern and elegant solution for those who value privacy and comfort. High quality, a large selection of Duo fabrics, and an extremely affordable price make it possible to create the perfect pleat for home or office, while serving as a decorative and protective function, keeping our space clear of sight of neighbors and passers-by. They are also ideal for thermal insulation that prevents the rooms from becoming too hot during summer and prevents heat from escaping in winter.

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Pleated blinds DUO made to measure are modern blinds, which have a separate collection of high-quality fabrics, which are particularly elegant because their fabric is double, which is like a honeycomb from the side. They are protected by a special impregnation that works anti-static and prevents dust from sticking, making the pleats an investment for years. The double fabric in one bundle on the side of the room has a selected fabric color, while the fabric color on the side of the glass is always white, allowing the fabric to fit into a particular interior while maintaining the consistency of the windows from the outside of the building. The white fabric color of the pleats reflects the sun's rays by thermal insulation. This way, we make your interior more resistant to heat in the summer. As required, the Duo collection features a range of dimming fabrics that create a discreet atmosphere and protect the living room from heat, and a kitchen and fully-darkened fabrics that provide total intimacy, privacy, and sun protection, such as bedroom and bathroom.

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Fabric types for Pleated blinds DUO.

These elegant and modern Duo pleated blinds are very practical and functional depending on the fabric you choose. Covering windows with these is a great alternative to classic curtains, coffee curtains, venetian blinds, and vertical blinds. We offer two types of harmoniously woven fabrics for Duo pleated blinds:

  • Dimmable - a wide range of colors will make the fabric optimally dim the room on sunny days, depending on the color you choose, but also has the advantage of partial heat reduction, with gentle UV protection. It is a sun-protection blind, and in the evening it ensures privacy in the room.
  • Blackout - these fabrics are completely blocked off the sun rays, in a range of colors with an internal aluminum coating that will make your living space more functional and resistant to sunlight, making your heat-insulation more efficient.
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In addition, the materials have detailed descriptions and specifications of each fabric in the configurator, which we highly encourage you to look at. Absorption is the percentage of light absorbed by the fabric, reflection is the percentage of reflected light, and transmission is the percentage of light that passes through the blinds, illuminating the room. For Blackout fabrics, the transmission is 0%, which means that the material is completely opaque.

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Pleated Blind DUO Basic and Premium

We have pleated blinds made to measure are available in two mounting versions:

  • Premium Pleated Blind - bolted with 4 small screws on glazing beads, moves on the glass of the window and has a choice of different systems colors.
  • Basic Pleated Blind - mounted with no drill installation by hanging it on the hooks on the window sash that opens, tilting, or sticking hooks for a window that does not open.

Both assembly types of pleats are easy to mount and remove in virtually all rooms, for example, to clean the window or to refresh the blind.

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What is the adjustment of the lighting with a pleated blind?

With a wide range of Blackout and dimmable fabrics in a variety of colors, ease of installation, and comfort, FamilyRollo pleats are so popular with customers. The option to move the pleat from top to bottom, regardless of the mounting method chosen, provides enhanced functionality for this window cover. By hiding some parts of the window, you can fine-tune the amount of light entering the room. This feature is especially useful when two people use one room in different ways. You can then cover the part of the window where the sun's rays fall, leaving the rest of the window exposed. This allows you to work on your PC without any reflection on the monitor and read the book at the same time. The thermo-insulated pleated blind has functional and elegant materials, making it what you're looking for.

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Why choose DUO pleated blinds on windows?

The strongest part of our product proposals is that they can be tailored exactly to your needs. Functional pleats made to measure provide a modern solution to the problem of excessive home and office lighting. They allow more precise adjustment of the amount of light entering the room. When you install pleated blinds DUO, you get many important benefits:

  • You can cover the entire window with blackout fabric, that darkens the entire room.
  • you can cover any part of the window to prevent annoying sunlight from entering the window without losing more light
  • you can prevent flares on your tv or computer screen
  • you get an impressive, modern window design in your room
  • you can adjust the pleat to fit the interior dimensions by enlarging them optically
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How to measure a window for a Pleated Blinds DUO Basic - Duo?

Before placing your order, see and download the pleated measurement instructions to ensure that your products fit perfectly. Dimensions are always given in millimeters (mm). Specify the width of the windows including the side guides and the height of the entire window sash. In the finished product, this is the width of the material. The height is the length of the window sash on which the finished product is the length of the twines, including the hooks, the fabric that overlaps onto the window, and the glazing beads.

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How to install DUO Basic pleated blinds?

The pleat is designed for self-installation, so you can handle it in a few minutes.

Unroll the pleated blind twines and route the twine into the round portion of the hitch. Then insert the round, twine-type hitch into the hitch element, which then slides and presses against the hook portion of the hitch. Unroll the pleated blind twines and route the twine into the round portion of the hitch. Then insert the round, twine-type hitch into the hitch element, which then slides and presses against the hook portion of the hitch. The next step is to install the pleated blind hooks on the window frame. For the suspended version, the window frame mounts must be suspended and clamped on the window wing.

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For an adhesive type of hook, first, thoroughly degrease the area on the window frame where the hooks will be attached. Then wait approximately 2-3 hours for the degreasing agent to evaporate and after this time, attach the latches. FamilyRollo recommends installing only the adhesive tabs first, and then wait 24 hours for the adhesive hook to adhere to the window frame, after which you can mount the entire pleated blind. Using this method, we ensure that the hooks are securely attached to the window frame and will hold the entire blind for a long time.

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The next step is to adjust the pleated blind twines. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to turn it to the left only (anti-clockwise). Do not tighten the twines too much, as this may cause the pleats to separate from the window frame for the bonded hooks. When the pleat is already mounted on the window, press the adhesive hooks onto the window frame, and then remove the paper protection.

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How to measure a window for a Pleated Blind  DUO Premium?

Before placing an order, check and download the pleated blind measurement guide to ensure that the products have the perfect dimensions. Dimensions are always given in millimeters (mm). The width is the width of the glass of the entire window and the height is also, the height of the glass of the entire window. In the finished product, this is the width and height of the fabric. Make sure that the glazing beads have a minimum of 12mm depth. So that the pleat can be screwed to it.

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How to install Pleated Blind DUO Premium?

Invasive mounting requires only a few small holes in the glazing beads, so it generally takes several minutes for the assembly to complete. The standard blind installation in the first step consists of screwing the mounting elements into the glazing bead. Then prepare the pleat for assembly, ensure that the top part of the pleat is correctly selected (the FamilyRollo logo should be in the upper left corner of the pleat). Start assembly of the pleat from the top, and then install the bottom part of the pleat. Assemble the elements parts of the pleat.


If the pleat drops down, slightly increase the tension on the twines. To do so, reposition the slides on the twines at the same distance from the right and left. If the pleat is stiff, reduce the tension on the twines. When the pleats are correctly installed, the excess twine will be cut off.

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How to place an order?

When you order blinds in our FamilyRollo online store, it's worth knowing that you get a 2-year warranty on them. With our warranty, you can rest assured that in the event of any problem, we will ensure that your products continue to perform their functions. In addition to the basic warranty, we include a measurement compatibility guarantee, which means that if the pleat is too large and does not fit on your window, we are very happy to reduce the size of your window, and this service is free of charge. The product configuration itself is very easy and intuitive. If you are not sure whether you have sized the windows correctly, please contact us and we will explain everything, we will answer each question, but you will also make sure you have the correct size.

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To order your dream pleated blinds, simply select specific parts of the blind in our configurator. Specify the appropriate width and height dimension. The color of the system is then determined, all of the blind hooks, profiles, and handles are available in the following shades:

  • Smooth basic: White, Silver, Anthracite, Brown
  • Imitating the structure of wood: Golden oak, Light Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut
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Before you choose a fabric, you can also select a control handle that is useful for very tall windows where you do not reach the top of the window with your hand. This handle helps to pull the blind up or simply leave the top of the pleat down. Once your cover has been set up, simply add it to your shopping basket. This allows you to add as many pleats as you want. By going to your shopping cart, you can either create your account or order without registering your account. The lead time is as fast as possible, and as these are blinds made to measure the estimated time for 7-14 working days.

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