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Popular curtains

One of the most popular window decorations, which serve not only a decorative function but also a practical function, is curtains. They protect the glass from high temperatures and excessive sun during a hot day and keep the glass outside from heat loss during cooler weather. Scandinavian style is characterized by minimal functionality and simplicity. There are no unneeded features in this style of the room. The rooms are arranged according to its guidelines and are only necessary.

Curtains can be used to protect yourself from unwanted looking of casual people, and noise from the outside and create an intimate atmosphere. In the day, the curtain can be easily extended to allow the light to enter and cover in the evening to maintain intimacy.

The curtain fabric for window decoration and addition to interior

The curtains are a very important element in the decoration of a home or a flat. Hanging on the window is a undeniable advantage, and the room is immediately cozy. The curtains usually appear in the living rooms, the most representative of the rooms. On the day, it slides into the side, and in the evening, it slides in such a way as to achieve the desired intimacy. They are very useful when we want to be able to effectively protect ourselves from the undesirable sight of interesting neighbors from outside.

The curtains are a good choice for the interior colors and are therefore usually soft to provide a delicate addition to the rest of the scene. They can be uniform, but the flower compositions or motifs of leaves are increasingly chosen and preferred. This colorful curtain is perfect decoration and gives the interior a completely different look.

Velvet Curtains and fabrics

With a variety of options available for curtains, a full range of colors and a range of patterns, you can choose from to suit any room. Elegant curtains will be beautifully presented in both traditional interiors and modern rooms. Remember that when you choose curtains inside, it is not only the color of the curtains, but also the type of material they are made of. The different fabrics are different in thickness, light transmission, woven fabric and resistance to crushing. Velvet curtains are made of soft fabric, which is fluffy in touch, and have nice gloss finish.

The velour curtains are thick, fleshy and very nice on every card. They're perfect for any style that matters most in the simplest form. This fabric perfectly covers the window to protect the interior from intense sunlight. When choosing a blind on the March tape, you can attach it to both the curtain rod with traditional frogs or to any kind of ceiling rails with special pockets in the tape.

Curtains in bedroom

The bedroom curtains will work at any time of the year, from spring to winter. The fabric of the curtains ensures privacy, so it's important to make sure you feel comfortable in the sleeping area. If you choose the appropriate curtains for your bedroom, you will also highlight the interior arrangement. Be sure to check out our inspiration.

If you value moderation and contemporary style in the interiors, you'll enjoy simple, smooth fabric curtains. They will complement the decoration of your window and will highlight the style of your bedroom, whether it is Scandinavian, classic, or rustic.

If you think uniform curtains in the bedroom blend too much into the background and you're looking for a slightly bolder pattern, then put flowers, leaves or other themes. To add a little light, choose curtains from a delicate velour. This type of curtain will keep you private, block the light effectively and fit in your bedroom.

Curtains in Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home around which family life takes place. Preparing and eating meals together brings together all those close people to each other and that is why it is a reason to care for what our kitchen looks like. Not only the right equipment, but also accessories such as window decoration are of great importance. Among the curtains to pay special attention to in the kitchen are very subtle floral designs. With the Familyrollo color palette and specialists, you're always looking for the most attractive designs available.

Curtains for each window dimensions

We know very well that Windows in your home can have a wide range of dimensions. So to avoid having to run in shops, we enable you to take care of the curtain's sewing service. When you decide to order a curtain, you only need to choose its width and height.

We are very careful about the finishing of the curtains that we do for our customers, making them immediately suitable for hanging at the curtain rod or on the ceiling rail. Forget to carry out any personal modifications or to harassment the fabric to create a curtain.

Trust the experts. We will do everything for you and make sure that the curtains in your living room are very effective. The only thing you will have to do after receiving curtains is to wrap the tape on the top of the curtain.

Glamour effect thanks to curtains

Made from velour, velvet fabric, with a distinctive color scheme, very original. It must be recognized that the glamour curtains are able to turn a normal window into a window that will attract sight. Of course, in addition to curtains, it is worth to use other decorative elements, such as Windows and decorative candles, then the effect will certainly be unique, but the window decoration is based on a curtain.

The modern curtains in your room window are able to add their original character and make them look like a prestigious interior catalog. Make sure you choose a shade to match the rest of the interior, and you'll be surprised by the effect. When you choose Familyrollo curtains, you'll get a glamour effect quickly and cost-effectively.

Fashionable Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style has been one of the most popular scene trends for many years. This is because it introduces the harmony and order. One of its most important elements is decorative accessories, and of course, there must be original and thematic-fitting curtains. The color of the convention is white, and the Scandinavian interior is decorated with a large number of decorative accessories. These can be pillows, bedspreads, carpets, all in bright colors. Due to the cold climate of this area, the interiors are furnished with cozy and warm curtains.

Curtains for large terrace window

Terrace or balcony Windows are the main source of daylight. In order to properly arrange them, it is essential to design window decorations such as large window curtains. As a company with years of experience, we will try to tell you how.

First of all, colors. The most desirable effect is when the curtains strongly contrast with the color of the walls. Fabrics are usually available in many colors and, for example, if you like dark shades on walls, such as bronze or purple, we choose beige or white curtains fabric. If you like white on the walls, it's a good idea to get so much-loved shades of gray. At present, the shades of blue, from pomegranate to blue, are very popular. The large terrace window curtains should provide a sense of isolation from the outside of our home or apartment. This creates a sense of security and comfort.

A very important issue in large and wide curtains is called parking, where curtains spend a day. This should be well thought-out because depending on the thickness of the cloth, one curtain of 1 meter wide after extension needs about 30-35 cm. The space on the wall needs to be folded down.

Our curtains are available in five widths: 130, 195, 260, 325, and 360 cm. The curtains can be ordered in any height but a maximum of 400 cm. Remember that you can hang your curtains side by side and adjust the width as you like with 2 curtains of 360 cm width plus one 130 cm wide. This will also make it easier to move between the terrace and the room. Remember, our curtains must be dead to have a beautiful decorative effect. If you order a blind, for example, 360 cm wide, it will be about half the width of the ordered one, or about 180 cm, when it is wrinkled.

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