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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds for the measure are internal window covers that are ideal for covering windows in any interior, but will also fit PCV, wood, and aluminum windows. They provide perfect protection against excessive sunlight entering the interior, ensure privacy and make the window a beautiful window.

In addition to tens of different color fading resistant fabrics, we also offer a variety of window blinds systems, including mini blinds, non-invasive PCV blinds and ALU cassette, and blinds with wall or ceiling mounting. There's something for everyone. Interior blinds have many supporters - some value them for ease of installation, while others are positively surprised by their exceptional functionality or the ability to fit perfectly into their interior. Roller blinds combine functionality with modern design to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

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Fabrics for roller blinds

The FamilyRollo shop offers made to measure blinds with side guides and non-guided blinds (mounted on wall or ceiling, or mini) with fabrics in different designs and colors. Our products stand out from their competitive counterparts by the care and precision of their design and the use of durable, resistant to damage materials. The fabrics are covered with a special impregnation, which does not fade and change their appearance.

It is thanks to them that the inner roller blinds are an investment for a long period of time, guaranteeing both an original decoration of space and effective protection against excessive sun exposure or sight of pedestrians. You can choose not only the color of fabrics but also choose fabrics to suit your needs. On our webshop we have fabrics which are divided into:

  • transparent - opaque and smooth, which are thinner to gently obscure the room without strong room darkening. They are ideal for those rooms that you don't want to blackout, but simply to dim out, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or living room.
  • Dimmable - make your home dim by creating an intimate and soothing climate that helps you relax. It's a great choice for living rooms that you want to darken or in offices, protecting them from reflections on monitor screens.
  • Blackout - rubberized that completely cut out the sun in even the lightest areas of the building. This material is ideal for the bedroom, children's room, or conference room where complete darkness is often required. This ensures perfect conditions for working or relaxing.
  • Thermal insulation - dimmable with a special pearl coating that protects your home from excessive heat, especially during summer periods, without obscuring the room. This material is ideal for skylight windows, such as children's rooms.
  • Blackout and Thermal insulation in one - not only protect you from the sun, which causes the room to heat up, but they also darken completely, blocking the sun's strong action. The material is particularly suitable for bedrooms or children's rooms, where they are beautiful, climatic, but more demanding skylight windows.
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Types of roller blinds.

With a choice of different models and styles, you can choose and customize blinds for each room for a comfortable experience, even for windows with custom dimensions. The beaded mechanism applied to each of our blinds allows precise control of the blind by adjusting the amount of light entering the room.

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No drill roller blind minis are the easiest-to-install and cheapest version of the material blind. The blind is mounted without drilling into the window frame. It is assembled by hanging the window frame with special hook-on hooks that simply snap. This type of installation is easy, quick, and, above all, easy to install, but also fits into any interior. The hooks can be selected depending on your window: Standard, extended - dedicated for windows with a vent, or sticky hooks for fixed, non-opening, or Fix windows. The roller blind mini can also be fitted with string guidance to prevent the material from tilting away from the window when the window is tilted.

We also offer a choice of system colors and a chain for the roller blind mini to further match your interior. These material blinds fit virtually any window, and their great value is an attractive price.

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Roller blinds in the cassette.

Unlike competitors, we offer two types of roller blinds in a cassette with side guides. This allows you to choose not only the right mounting method but also the appearance of the cassette and the location of the blind on the window. These blinds are ideal for use in the rooms you want to blackout. By choosing a blackout fabric and a blind in the cassette with side guides, you will not be able to reach the sun, even the sides of the blind into the interior. This will give you a dark effect in a few moments from the sun inside. They are also much easier to keep clean than coffee curtains or curtains, for example. Type of Inner roller blinds:

  • In a PVC cassette with side guides ( U-shaped ) - the blind has a no drill mounting glued to the window frame. It has a cassette and guides to ensure that it can be guided and attached to the glass in a different system color, but it also has plenty of space to accommodate more fabric ( even when selecting day and night roller blind ). In addition, you can select metal or standard chains that match the color of the selected system. It is very easy to dimension, even when the window has an air vent. Our reliable measurement and installation instructions will make these operations much easier and guarantee a perfect fit. Please note that if you have any additional questions, we will be here to help!
  • In the ALU cassette with flat side guides - the blind has an invasive fit that is drilled into the glazing bead and mounted. The cassette has a streamlined shape and is less protruding from the window frame, so it is better for balcony doors in the narrow window recess. The side guides make sure that it is correctly positioned and fixed to the glass. Both the cassette and the side guides are mounted to the glazing beads and cannot be mounted on each window ( round or unusual shape glazing beads prevent assembly ). Choose from a variety of system colors that can be easily matched to your windows at home. For the ALU cassette blind, it is very important that you read our measurement and installation instructions carefully before placing your order to ensure a perfect fit. Please note that if you have any additional questions, we will be here to help!
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Roller Blinds mounted to wall or ceiling.

Roller blinds mounted to the wall or ceiling are an ideal cover for larger windows that can be used for any interior, as they are mounted to a wall or ceiling. They will mask or darken the room depending on the fabric you choose, but above all, they will provide relief from excessive sunlight. It will complement your home interior perfectly, as the roller blinds can be made in larger sizes. They are much easier to keep clean than curtains. It is also very easy to determine their dimension, as the height of the blind is given and the width of the material is given ( the blind itself will be wider by 43mm - this is what the control mechanism and the hooks occupy). They come in three system colors for the choice of roller blinds and can be used for metal or standard chain control.

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Cleaning the Roller Blind.

Roller blinds are one of the most popular window covers and a very good alternative to coffee curtains and curtains. They can be made of different fabrics and can be mounted in different ways. Roller blinds have no special requirements to keep their beautiful look long. You can clean them regularly, or remove stains while you do other home duties. The roller blinds are manufactured from fabric covered with a special anti-static impregnation to prevent dust from being absorbed into the fabric. Periodically wipe them with a dust brush. Periodically clean the material with a slightly damp cloth from microfiber and let it dry. We can successfully clean the roller blind without pulling it out of the window frame, so it's the perfect solution for your homeroom because it takes very little time!

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Advantages of Roller blinds.

Roller blinds have been very popular for a long time, because although sunlight is essential to everyday life, it is sometimes too strong and can be more disruptive than helping. That is why we often use roller blinds to reduce the excessive amount of light entering the interior. What are the advantages of roller blinds?

  • Wide range of materials
  • Variety of mounting types
  • Relatively low price
  • Simple measurement and installation
  • A perfect fit for your interior
  • Easy to keep clean
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