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Venetian blinds

Window covering is a practice that is commonly used in homes – Venetian Blinds, Blinds, curtains or Voile Curtains are visible in the windows of residents, regardless of which part of the country we are in. The fashion for covering windows has changed over the years and people are now opting for more modern solutions than curtains, which can sometimes be troublesome. The most innovative constructions, which are to protect against excessive heating of the room and to properly shade it, are Venetian blinds. Not only do they perform their functions perfectly, but they are also a designer decoration of the room they are placed in. We manufacture and distribute high quality, personalised blinds which our customers design.

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What is the difference between Venetian blinds and blinds, and why should you choose them?

The main difference which clearly separates Venetian blinds from traditional blinds is the material used to manufacture both items. Blinds are usually made of natural synthetic fabrics or their mixtures, where Venetian blinds are made of wood, bamboo, aluminium or vertical fabrics and have a different shape. Another visible difference that draws a line between blinds and Venetian blinds, is the way they are rolled up. Venetian blinds have slats that rotate 180 degrees and can be raised and lowered completely, where blinds, as the name suggests, are only rolled up. The feathers, called lamellas, which are present in the construction of Venetian blinds, have the ability to control the light flow by turning in different directions.

Both Venetian blinds and blinds are excellent items that look great in windows. It is worth noting that the products in our offer are characterised by incredibly easy and pleasant installation. On the website you will find both these products, together with the possibility of their personalisation. Depending on what your expectations are from interior shading accessories and where the blind or Venetian blind would be placed, you should make your final decision. Our brand has a specialised staff that you can call and advise you on this matter.

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What types of Venetian blinds are available in our store?

On the FamilyRollo website you will find a wide and extensive offer.

We offer, among other things:

  • Wooden blinds - wood is one of the most innovative materials that designers choose for interior decoration. The amazing colour and texture of wood can bring new life between interiors and make it look extremely designer. Wooden blinds are very versatile and can be used in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or corridor! The wooden blinds available in our offer are additionally protected with a reinforcing varnish to make them more durable and easier to maintain.
  • Aluminum blinds - are very universal and modern, they can be fitted to almost any type of window (PVC, aluminium, wood). This type of blinds is definitely lighter than wooden ones and adds lightness to the room. Available in many colour variants they are easy to match with the character of the room. Many people praise their easy cleaning!
  • Vertical blinds, are perfect for rooms with larger glazing and in large spaces. Mounted to the wall or ceiling they provide a stable and durable cover, which is as functional as a wooden or aluminium blind, since the fabrics available for these blinds also have various degrees of shading or thermal insulation.

You will not find ready-made products here - we accept personalised orders, which we carry out with the utmost meticulousness in the shortest possible time.

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Functional window decoration.

People are increasingly choosing to install Venetian blinds in their windows. Not only are they very practical, but also designer and easier to maintain – voile curtains or curtains need to be washed from time to time, whereas blinds only need to be wiped! We offer high quality products at the lowest prices on the market, which has allowed us to take over the title of leader in the category of window furnishing with additional accessories. On the website you will find a number of interesting designs of blinds, however, the final decision belongs to you, as we make custom products so that they perfectly match the your windows

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FamilyRollo Venetian blinds are the definition of high-quality!

In order to further improve the quality of our distribution and services, we decided to contract only with the best manufacturers, who work with world-class materials and make products with the utmost care. Introducing such meticulous solutions has led us to success and the creation of a group of trusted customers who come back to us for more.

Meeting our customers' expectations is a brand priority. Every year we invest in additional training and hire new employees who bring new ideas and inspiration to the company. Our professional staff makes every effort to ensure that every order is fulfilled to the last button and guarantees high quality. We kindly invite you to check the details of our offer below, which includes Venetian blinds. We would like to remind you that our staff is waiting for your phone calls in case of any problems with the order.

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Venetian blinds are an ideal solution for every interior.

Internal Venetian blinds are such a type of window covering, which perfectly matches the arrangement of a room in any style. They look equally good at home, in an office or a hotel. Each of these places, even with non-standard dimensions, will acquire a unique character and finish, but also, without a doubt, their appearance will make you love your interior all over again.

Functionality, versatility and diversity of Venetian blinds mean that they can be installed in any room, adjusting them to your needs. Installing white wooden or aluminium blinds is ideal for interiors decorated in Scandinavian, minimalist, English or nautical style. It is also a perfect product to use in a children's room, which is usually decorated in light colours. On the other hand, aluminium or wooden blinds in dark shades are perfect for rooms in glamour, industrial or loft style, as well as in most modern styles. Classic Venetian blinds in natural shades of wood are also still popular, they look beautiful in any style, especially in classic interiors, giving them warmth, cosiness and a natural look, which immediately improves the mood.

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Installation methods.

Both wooden and aluminium blinds and blinds can be fitted to the window sash, to the wall, to the ceiling or the window recess regardless of whether external blinds are also fitted. The exception is the installation of blinds for roof windows. Wooden, bamboo or aluminium blinds have a stable invasive installation regardless of the place of installation, as their lamellas adjusted to size are already slightly heavier than blinds and their selected fabrics. The upper trough of the wooden blinds, in which all components are located, is designed for perfect appearance, maximum comfort and maximum safety. 

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The advantages of Venetian blinds.

The main advantages of all types: wooden, bamboo, aluminium and vertical, which are definitely worth mentioning:

  • Protection and accurate control of incoming sunlight especially on hot days, thanks to the slats being turned at different angles.
  • Various widths of lamellas and finishes of the blinds to choose from.
  • The necessary assembly elements are included and the measurement or assembly instructions, which are on our website all the time, will make it easy for you to measure the windows, configure the selected blinds and manage their assembly in your home.
  • The size of the blinds, their slats or the control side depends only on you - we will make everything with the greatest care.
  • They do not interfere with other products such as external roller blinds or mosquito nets for windows.
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers - easier to keep clean than the material of curtains or blinds.
  • Unbelievably stylish, as they fit in sensationally in flats with more or less space, in rooms of various styles and sizes.
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Internal Venetian blinds and blinds.

Our shop offers various product categories, including wooden blinds, aluminium blinds, vertical blinds or fabric blinds and guides. Both the plastic material for blinds and the wooden or aluminum lamellas have different degrees of shading and reflection. Most of them reflect or even block the sun's rays very well, protecting the room from excessive heat gain, for example in summer. Wooden, aluminium or vertical blinds can easily be ordered in larger sizes, which is not possible for fabric blinds. Blinds and Venetian blinds provide the interior with thermal insulation from the sun's rays and the appropriate level of shading, however, interior blinds will always remain more impressive. The Familyrollo shop offers a huge selection of lamellas for wooden and aluminium blinds, but also different categories of fabrics for vertical blinds, thanks to which you can match them perfectly with your interior.

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