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Skylight blind.

The skylight blind is a perfect fit for today's interior. In modern construction, there are often bevels on which there are connection windows, and there are also attic windows for residential or office space, which have different brands of roof windows. In addition, not everyone can or wants to use outside blinds. Not many people are aware of the function of the inner skylight blinds. The inner skylight blinds are designed to provide easy and effective control of the flow of light and sunlight, protecting the household from excessive heat and discomfort on hot days. In winter, they further isolate and protect the room from heat loss.


Skylight blinds made to measure

Skylight blinds are one of the most demanding types of window options. Each skylight is different and has its own specific requirements, from different window frame deviations to different dimensions. The skylight blind must therefore be tailored individually and personalized. So with the FamilyRollo you can customize your skylight blinds to fit your window. They help to control the amount of light entering the room first, but their important application is also to keep the residents of the house discreet and to cut away from the outside. They can be installed even if the windows already have outer blinds.

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Skylight blinds - fabrics.

Skylight blind is not only designed to perform well, it can also be a perfect complement to the space design. Available at, you will find a very wide selection of smooth fabrics for different colors of skylight blinds. Select the appropriate level of darkness when selecting the skylight blind. It is also important to remember that when you choose to dim or heat-insulated material, the color of the material will determine how much of the space in our room is dimmed. The lighter-colored materials cover the room only, and the darker ones give a more powerful dimming effect. The choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. We offer fabrics:

  • Dimming - make your home dim by creating an intimate and soothing climate that helps you relax. A great choice is to use them in attic rooms such as living rooms that you want to gently cover from light or in offices, protecting them from reflections on monitor screens.
  • Blackout - rubberized that completely cut out the sun in even the most illuminated areas of the building. This material is ideal for the bedroom, children's room, where complete darkness is often required because it does not completely pass through the light. This ensures perfect conditions for a peaceful rest, especially for those who work at night and sleep during the day, but also for young children.
  • Thermal insulation - dimmable with special pearl coating that protects your home from excessive heat, especially during summer periods, without obscuring the room. This material is ideal for all skylight blinds and is specifically designed for roof windows.

If you're hard to decide, our Familyrollo online store also offers a free sample of all fabrics in all available colors. Unfortunately, the same colors may appear differently on the devices, so samples are completely free, sent by post to the address indicated, so that every customer can see our fabrics without paying any costs, even for shipping. Please note, however, that fabric samples are only a demonstration of the color and structure of the fabric, so they may not fully present the stylistic qualities of the entire blind.


Skylight blinds for roof windows.

Do you need to look for the professionals who will come, market, and then install the products you choose when purchasing a window shutter? Luckily no! We make custom-made blinds for self-installation in two different models to choose from. Each has a separate measurement and installation manual, but also a different specification, allowing you to choose the right shade for your needs. With a wide range of colors available for roof blinds, matching blinds will match the décor of the you need to look for professionals who will come, market, and then install the products you choose? Luckily no! We make custom-made blinds for self-installation in two different models to choose from. Each has a separate measurement and installation manual, but also a different specification, allowing you to choose the right shade for your needs. With a wide range of colors available for roof blinds, matching blinds will blend in color with the décor of the room.

The FamilyRollo skylight blinds, thanks to their exceptional product quality, are very esthetically pleasing, making them beautifully designed to complement your interior as a simply decorative blind that gently obscure sunlight. They are attached directly to the window frame with screws. They are easy to install and do not require specialized tools or mastering experience. They are fully self-service ready and can be installed even if external blinds are already installed on the roof window.

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Skylight blinds.

This is the simplest and cheapest version of skylight blinds. They are equipped with robust plastic handles, which are mounted on screws to the inside of the window frame in the light of the glass. Skylight blinds are designed to be installed quickly and easily on the roof window, even if they have outer blinds, and a self-retracting spring mechanism keeps the material in a fixed position by tightening the fabric to prevent wrinkles. It allows you to stop the blind in three different positions, allowing you to dim the room and protect your attic against excessive heat on sunny days. They also have a side window frame mounting that provides free access to the handle, which is extremely important in spaces that we often hold.


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Skylight Blinds and blackout

When ordering inner skylight blinds, it is worth remembering this in mind that from the specified dimension, the blind fabric is approximately 25mm narrower because it has hooks that hold the blind, so small chops are formed between the window frame and the fabric, what is quite normal and is due to the specificity of this product. When you choose to blackout fabrics, it may not be possible to completely darken the room on sunny days, as these sides may cause the light to fall into the attic. So consider choosing the right material for your shade, which comes in different colors and different levels of darkness, for the best use in your home. It is also important to remember that even if the products are not intended to be used as blackout blinds, it is useful for skylight windows to use thermal insulation fabrics that allow sufficient light to enter and prevent the sun from getting too hot. Roof windows are quite demanding due to their angled installation, so they cannot be fitted with a standard blind or shutter. Products intended for skylight windows must therefore be adapted accordingly.


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A practical attic solution – skylight blinds.

As a professional brand that has existed on the market for many years, we are primarily focusing on the quality of the services we provide and the products we offer, such as blinds, mosquito nets, venetian blinds. We are committed to ensuring that our range of skylight blinds meets the needs of even the most demanding customers, so we only work with those manufacturers who will guarantee the best intermediate products. The skylight blinds from our range are mainly characterized by an extraordinary material that is very simple to maintain and beautifully presented in the room while reflecting sunlight or limiting the light that falls into the attic. Cleaning the skylight blind has never been easier! It is a perfect combination of dark, decorative, and covering attic from light.


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Designed with your needs in mind!

We offer skylight blinds, which are considered by many bestseller in the window equipment market with additional accessories, as our products serve as blackout blinds, but also as decorative blinds for the interior. We pay particular attention to the continued development of the brand and the creation of ever better and more robust designs. We would like to invite you to contact us to order a personalized skylight blind that will become the epicenter of your home. Our specialists will advise you on which range is right for your needs. We also invite you to visit other categories available on the site, such as blinds, mosquito nets, venetian blinds, and our social media, where you can find out about the latest promotions.


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Cleaning the skylight blinds

Fabric for skylight blinds does not have special requirements to keep their beautiful appearance for a long time. Simply vacuum them regularly, or remove stains on the spot on the other household cleaning duties, so they can continue to perform their functions, even if they reflect sunlight well, or if they darken the attic. The fabric of skylight blinds is manufactured from a material covered with a special anti-static impregnation, which prevents dust from being absorbed into the fabric, not just on the window glass side and on the room side. Periodically wipe them with a dust brush. Periodically clean the material with a slightly damp cloth from microfiber and let it dry. The fabric and its guide cartridge can be cleaned successfully without pulling it out of the window frame, so it's the perfect solution for your room because it takes a very short time!

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Skylight blinds mechanism.

Standard roller blinds for roof windows would hang down freely without making a suitable dimming. They would bulge unesthetically in the middle of the window, which would be the opposite of the intended effect. For skylight blinds, a special spring mechanism is used to prevent the skylight blind from tilting away from the roof window. The skylight blinds not only keep the fabric close to the window but also do not allow it to droop freely. Owners of roof Windows, especially during the summer, are exposed to permanent and intense exposure to solar radiation. As a result, skylight blinds have the choice of different fabrics depending on the customer's preference, designed to protect itself from sunlight. You can choose from a range of colors designs that perfectly match your unique room style. All available blinds are custom made based on the dimensions specified by the customer. Before selecting a particular skylight blind model, please refer to the product, measurement, and installation specifications.


Skylight blinds, and Pleated skylight blinds.

The Familyrollo shop offers a wide range of products to measure. These include pleated skylight blinds. They are worth mentioning because it is not a typical material blind because the material is like harmony. Woven fabrics for pleated skylight blinds also come in a variety of colors but are also available with thermal insulation materials that reflect the sun's rays and protect your attic from being too hot during the summer season. The pleated blinds allow you to conveniently adjust the amount of daylight entering the room. They can be positioned at any height of the window and are an excellent way to adjust the interior of the daylight and improve privacy. The pleated skylight blinds are hand-operated positioning handles that are located in the center of the pleat profiles and are extremely easy to use. The pleated skylight blinds are mounted to the top and bottom of the roof window frame and move through the metal twines for smooth shifting and stepless adjustment. Simply use the handle on the lower or upper part of the blind and lift or lower as required. Special control handles can be purchased for easier handling of the manually controlled blinds.

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