Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions answered by our experts:

1. Why choose window pleats from the FamilyRollo store?

We are a producer of window blinds, our company has been established in the year 2000. The Roman blinds and roller blinds are manufactured to size (based on the data provided by the customer in the configurator), therefore they will be perfectly adapted to the size of the window and the shape of the glazing bead. Our configurator allows our customers to choose the shade of the fabric from a wide range of colours.


2. How do I get a quote for a selected product?

Use the configurator available on every page of chosen product. After completing the provided data (colour of the fabric, system colour, width, height, accessories), a valuation of the composed blind will appear.


3. Are the prices given for the products gross prices?

Yes, for our products we provide final (gross) prices.


4. Does each product require a separate package? What is the cost of shipping?

A single order holds in one package and selected cost of shipping (provided in the configurator next to the chosen product).


5. How to choose the colour of the window blind?

Our products are more than just a protection from the sun, they provide a sense of privacy and decorate the window, the colour should match the arrangement of a specific interior. Read more


6. I have a problem choosing the most suitable window blind. What should I do?

For each product, we place a link to window measurement and assembly instructions. If the posted materials are insufficient, please, contact us. Our representative will try to dispel doubts and advise you on the best solution.


7. Will I get all the components needed for assembly?

Yes, everything that is needed to assemble the blinds, the customer receives in the package. All you have to do is prepare a cordless screwdriver or an ordinary screwdriver.


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Fabric blinds

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