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How does the lighting control work for the pleated blind?

The option of rolling the pleats from above and below translates into increased functionality of the blind. By covering selected parts of the window, you can precisely adjust the amount of light entering the room. This function is especially useful when two people use the same room for different reasons. You can then cover the part of the window through which piercing rays of sunlight fall, leaving the rest of the window exposed.

Why should you choose pleated window blinds?

Pleated blinds for window are a modern solution to the home and office interiors. They allow more precise regulation of the amount of light entering the room. By installing pleated blinds on windows, you gain many significant benefits:

  • the pleated blind covers the entire window, archiving the effect of a very dark interior
  • it covers any part of the window, preventing excessive sunlight from entering the interior without losing needed light
  • prevents the reflection of light on the TV screen or computer
  • creates an effective, modern design in the room
  • match the colour of the pleat to the size of the room by optically enlarging it

Install window pleats in the window and gain possibilities of light control in your home and office

The FamilyRollo online store provides beautiful and modern window pleats for windows in many colours and shades. You can match it to the windows in your bedroom, living room, office or even the bathroom. Pleats on the windows will increase your comfort of relaxation, work and will allow several people to use one room without interference. Check our offer and choose the best pleats for windows to create an optimally lit area for relaxation and work.

What are window pleats?

The Familyrollo window pleats are modern pleated window coverings, available in a wide range of colors. The fabrics available on our site have different characteristics, from the simplest, most privacy-friendly fabrics to thermal insulation fabrics or even 100% obscuration fabrics, also called Blackout. Window pleats are esthetic, functional and easy to install products that fit perfectly with the modern minimalist trend in interior design. On our Familyrollo site, the customer can compose, price and order the window blinds that they want for their interior.

Types of window pleats

We offer two types of window pleats, no-drill basic and invasive premium. Both of them, are measured differently, which means that they are assembled differently.

The Basic No-drill pleats are mounted on the window frame onto the window sash or handle on the tape. When ordering, the customer has the option to select the type of hooks. The window frame hooks are used for Windows that open and the window tape hooks that do not open.

Premium pleats are mounted in the frame at the glass window with four small screws that fit into the bar at the shaft, and then the hooks slide into 'bunches'.
Both types of mounting are easy to remove to clean the window or to refresh the fabric.

How do I measure a window for Basic pleats?

Dimensions are always given in millimeters (mm). Width is the distance between the outside edges of the frame around the glass. In the finished product, this is the width of the fabric. The height is the length of the window wing on which the finished product is the length of the twines together with the hooks and the fabric overlapping the window and the glazing strip.

How do I install Basic pleats?

Note! Do not peel off the paper from pleated blind protection, you will do so at the very end of the installation.

Roll the twines of the file and route the twine in the round part of the hitch. Next, the rounded, twine-operated hitch is inserted into the hitch element, which is then adjusted and held against the hook portion of the hitch.
The next step is to install the handles on the window frame. On the frame-mounted version of the window, hang the handles and clamp them on the window wing.

For the glued hangers, first, degrease the window frame where the hooks will be glued. Familyrollo recommends first installing the hangers on the bottom of the window, then leaving the bottom hooks attached for 24h. Using this method, we are sure that the latches are securely fastened to the window frame. The next step is to adjust the twines of the file. Use a flat screw to turn left only (counterclockwise).

Do not tension the twines too much, as this may cause the pleats to separate from the window frame and glued hangers. When the pleat is already mounted on the window, press the hooks against the window frame and then release the paper protector.

How do I measure a window for Premium pleats?

Dimensions are always given in millimeters (mm). The width is the width of the window and the height is the height of the window. In the finished product, this is the width and height of the fabric.

For the slanted strip glazing beads, measure the width and height, check the distance, between inner edges at the narrowest point

For the oval strip, measure the width and height, check the distance, between the inner edges of glazing beads

For a 90° angled strip, check the distance between the internal edges of the glazing beads

How do I install the Premium pleat?

The first step is to screw the mounting parts into glazing beads Then prepare the pleat for assembly, make sure that the top part of the pleat is selected correctly (the Familyrollo logo should be in the upper left corner of the pleat). Start assembly from the top and install the bottom of the pleat. Connect the pleat mounting parts.

How do I adjust the twines in the premium pleat?

If the pleat falls, gently increase the tension of the twines. To do this, reposition the supports on the twines at the same distance from the right and left. If the pleat works hard, reduce the tension of the twines. When the pleats are properly installed, the excess twine will be cut off.

What tools do I need to mount Basic no-drill pleats, and Premium pleats?

For installation of Basic pleats, scissors are required to cut off excess twine and a flat screwdriver to adjust the tension of the twines.
You need an electric screwdriver and scissors to install invasive premium files.

Benefits of Basic pleats:

The advantage of Basic pleats is that it is easy to install on the top and bottom of the window frame. The counter can be removed without any problems to clean the window or to refresh the fabric. In this case, the twines should be slightly loose first, and the next time the twines are fitted, the tension of the twines can be re-adjusted. Window pleats are very practical to use, they can easily be moved around the glass pane wherever you want to follow the sun's rays.

Benefits of Premium pleats:

The main advantage of Premium pleats is their functionality in everyday use. The pleat is close to the window without moving away from the glazing beads at the window. The Premium pleat mounting method ensures reliability and reliability for years to come

Why choose window pleats?

The Windows pleat from FamilyRollo shop, both basic and premium, are easy to install and very functional. Their solid mounting and high-quality components will ensure long-term, satisfactory use.

Visit our Familyrollo online shop, where we have a wide selection of fabrics for Basic and Premium files. Our prospective customers can order up to 5 free samples of fabrics and receive a 5% discount on their next purchases along with the samples ordered. This is the best way to get to know the fabric selection, which, in addition to privacy in a living room, can also provide thermal insulation and 100% darkness.

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