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Meet the Pleated Mosquito Net for Skylight made to measure from FamilyRollo!

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Pleated mosquito net to the size of your skylight.

The pleated mosquito net for the skylight, is designed and constructed in a similar way to a pleated blind. The functionality of such mosquito nets is exactly the same as that of the frame mosquito net but is more convenient to use and adapted to more demanding roof windows. It performs its essential function of keeping insects, pollen, and other contaminants out of the window. What makes a pleated mosquito net visible on the window (if folded) is unrestricted window light and thus visibility. It also reduces the field of view to a small extent due to the transparent mesh on the glass. Visually, it is an integral part of the window, without damaging the window structure. It is easy to install and does not require special skills and tools. The most important feature of this is to adapt it to the installation of skylights.

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Properties of pleated mosquito net for a skylight.

The construction of a pleated mosquito net for skylight windows is somewhat similar to the design of traditional pleated blinds. The mosquito net can be expanded and folded in just seconds, and importantly, it does not limit the freedom to use windows. The mosquito mesh used in mosquito net is bundled and made of glass fiber coated with black or gray plastic to choose from. Rolls up and fold up with profiles, handles and twines to support the net. It is controlled manually by using the handle. Pleated mosquito net for skylight is always mounted on the inside of the window, unlike other types of mosquito nets. This will make the mosquito net a functional and esthetic appearance.


Advantages of a pleated mosquito net for a skylight.

A well-chosen, pleated mosquito net provides comfort and convenience, especially in the attic. The blind mechanism allows the blind to be easily expanded and folded. This also makes it much easier to clean windows and frames of roof windows. Another problem with dismantling mosquitoes is also addressed. Just roll the mosquito net down on the window for winter and expand it in the summertime when the mosquitoes and flies start to be annoying. Since mosquito profiles are made of high-quality material and are available in various colors, they are an interesting and decorative element of the window frame.

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High product quality.

The size of the holes in the grid has been chosen to effectively block insects without hindering the circulation of the air and without hiding the view behind the window. The mosquito net is delivered to the customer in a self-installation component, as shipping in a composite form could damage them during transport. The measurement and installation instructions for the mosquito net have all the information necessary for measuring and assembling and are available at all times on our website. This is a very convenient solution because the products are delivered in small packages, so they can be easily moved to another location before folding.

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Application of a pleated mosquito net for a skylight.

The pleated mosquito nets for a skylight from FamilyRollo fit in windows of almost any brand. The window mosquito net is made to size, so you can order any size, of course, using our measurement instruction to ensure a perfect fit between the product and your window. We take individual orders and are happy to advise you on both measurement, installation, and application possibilities.

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Aesthetics of mosquito nets.

The high-quality components used in manufacturing make the mosquito net not stunt the appearance of our window. We have designed every detail and a wide range of profiles in different colors. FamilyRollo offers mosquito nets in white, brown, anthracite, but also gold oak and walnut in structural colors. This allows you to choose the right mosquito profile to match the colors of our window frames. The profiles are coated with powder paint, which is weather-resistant, and will not change color. Mosquito profiles shall be designed in such a way that they do not affect the opening and closing of Windows.

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Cleaning and maintenance of pleated mosquito net.

Even the best quality mosquito nets become dirty. A pleated mosquito net that is fitted to a skylight, like other mosquito net types, requires regular cleaning to prolong its service life and ensure full functionality. The microscopic mesh collects not only dust but also non-fertile insects and other organic deposits. This reduces visibility, daylight, and fresh airflow. Clean the mosquito with a soft cloth or sponge with a small amount of mild detergent. A good cleaning agent is a warm water with gray soap. The pleated mosquito net requires not only the washing of the grid but also the aluminum profiles.

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How to order a pleated mosquito net fitted for skylight?

The dimensions of the mosquito net are determined by yourself using the measurement instructions, where illustrations are also shown to facilitate the taking of dimensions. It's easy to place your order. Simply add individual mosquitoes nets to your shopping cart and then place an order in your shopping cart after you complete the data. The window mosquito net is sent by the courier company, so they will be delivered straight under your door.

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