Reliable manufacturer of window pleats

The producer of window pleats FamilyRollo is a family company whose value is quality and customer satisfaction. We have been producing the most attractive pleats since 2000 while following technological and design trends. We produce our pleats accurately and with care for the quality of materials. As a result, they bring a lot of satisfaction to our clients. We work as a team and ensure the highest quality at every stage of production.

What does the window pleats production look like in FamilyRollo?

The production of window pleats at FamilyRollo is a complex and multi-stage process. It begins when we receive your order with the size and colour specifications. Based on the data provided, we puncture the materials using our precise machinery than, the fabric is pleated. We puncture the harmonica of the fabric and the hard elements which we connect with a special cord. Eventually, the pleat is tested to make sure the product you will receive is precise and flawless. If the pleat meets all our requirements, we pack it tightly and secure it in a cardboard box to promptly send it to the address you provide.

Why should you choose pleats from the FamillyRollo?

By purchasing pleats from FamilyRollo, you choose long term quality and comfort. The production of pleats in our company results with great satisfaction of our customers. We do not compromise on the quality and execution of our products. Our pleats guarantee:

  • highest quality pleats made of carefully selected materials
  • the certainty that our pleats are perfectly impregnated and designed for long-term use
  • perfectly cut pleats made to size you have provided
  • sophisticated pleat folded into a perfect harmonica, for the contemporary look
  • our warranty on all FamilyRollo products
  • guarantee of on-time delivery and communication with customer service at the highest level

Choose pleats from the manufacturer that cares for your comfort, ensuring the highest quality of your window covers

When choosing window curtains for your home or office, focus on quality and comfort in the long term. Select a producer who takes care of every detail at every stage of production. Standardized production processes, modern machinery and well-trained employees - is the key to the highest quality of our window pleats.

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