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Discover our no-drill pleated blinds from FamilyRollo to the size of your window!

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No drill Pleated Blinds 

FamilyRollo no drill pleated blinds are modern window covers with a harmonica, opaque material that you can mount without a drill on every window or room. No drill pleated blinds are sized, and their fabric allows you to cover the entire window or section of the window, protecting against the harsh rays of the sun and the sight of your neighbors. They are very easy to install with a clip or stick-on clips. With this form of mounting, you do not have to damage the window frame by drilling holes in it. We have a variety of pleated blind systems in our portfolio. Unlike invasive installation, which is very solid, robust and esthetically pleasing, not everyone can or wants to use it, for example, people who hire a flat.

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No-drill pleated blinds on the measure can fit into your home. We especially recommend them to those who rent a flat or an artistic soul who likes to change something in their interior all the time. They do not have to drill further holes in the window frame to get the perfect result. No drill pleated blinds will also be a good choice for those who are unsure whether they want to stay with them for longer. Mounting a no drill pleated blind is also a great idea for those who, for some reason, cannot afford to drill or change the arrangement so often that they simply don't pay for it. Their unquestionable advantage is not only functionality but also safety and beauty. Check out our range and find what you're looking for!

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No drill pleated blinds - advantages

Window pleated blinds mounted without drilling are undoubtedly a positive solution that you can tailor to your needs. The main advantage of this type of protection is that it does not require hole drilling in the window frame, as it has no-drill hooks mounted on the top and bottom edges of the window frame. There are many other advantages to installing no drill pleated blinds:

  • you can easily and quickly mount the pleated blinds by yourself, without using a drill,
  • you won't damage the window frame and you won't lose your manufacturer's warranty
  • you can easily remove the pleat for cleaning or replacing with another curtain
  • after removing the pleats, you do not need to replace the glazing beads
  • the woven fabric is covered with antistatic impregnation to prevent dust from being absorbed into it
  • unlike the roller blinds, they do not stand so far away from the window frame and move on it just near the window glass
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Properties of No drill pleated blinds

In addition, the very important advantage of no-drill pleats made to measure is that they cover not only the glass but also the glazing beads. This reduces the light clearance between the pleat and the window strip. They are more effective in dimming the interior and protecting privacy. You can control the amount of sunlight entering your home. They can also protect you from prying eyes after dark. So they fit well into the many rooms of your home, such as a children's room, a bedroom, or a kitchen as a café curtain. The pleated blind also work well on balcony Windows, which, after using a normal blind, often do not open completely due to too much roll away from the window frame of the cassette or the winding pipe. For pleats, there is no problem because they are flat and leave the frame for a maximum of 2 cm. Each pleat is always supplied with all the necessary mounting components, such as no-drill hangers which are glued, or hung on window frames depending on the option selected. The pleated blinds are one of the best-selling products in our range because they are made to size, have a no drill fit, but also a pleated fabric allows you to adjust the height of the blind on the window so that this window cover is what you are looking for in your interior. Invasive mounting is very robust, solid and can support a larger weight of a large and thick blind. However, for small Windows, e.g. in bathrooms, no drill pleated blinds are sufficient.

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No drill pleated blinds - aesthetics

Select non-invasive window pleats that you can easily assemble and remove from the window if necessary. In our store, you will find modern window pleats that are no drill in a variety of color variations. Easily match your home style for optimal darkness. You'll also get maximum privacy without the need to reduce lighting or drill holes in the window frame. Choose the most beautiful no drill pleated blinds from our range and get the perfect cover for any home or business environment. Made to measure Basic pleated blinds are an esthetic and innovative product that fits perfectly in any window or room. Window pleats with our no drill from FamilyRollo are a modern solution for those who value privacy and comfort. Their high quality and extremely low price are an interesting proposition for everyone. Perfect for everyone, the exceptionally practical and brilliantly easy to install, the FamilyRollo pleat is the product that will meet your needs for years.

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A modern solution - no drill mounting

The Familyrollo no-drill pleated blinds is a minimalist design that creates a completely new design in the room, without the presence. Delight your friends with their beauty, arouse jealousy with interesting neighbors, and you will have an original, beautiful room like no other. No drill assembly of the pleat is an additional benefit of this product, which is at your fingertips and is ideal for virtually any room. Pleated blinds mounted on no drill hanging or glued hangers are product categories that are part of the state-of-the-art window covering solutions that anyone can afford and can handle the installation. This type of installation will work wherever you don't want to drill through windows, so you won't damage them or lose your window warranty permanently. There are two basic ways of no drill pleated blinds mounting. The first is to mount the pleats directly on the window frame with a special adhesive tape pad. In the latter case, a no drill handle is used which is attached with a latch that is on the top of the window frame. 4 no drill latches are mounted on the window frame. It is hidden under the plug cover. In both cases, the fabric moves on the bundle twines, covering the window's glazing beads. No drill mounting also has the advantage that it does not require drilling or wall damage, so it is safe for old and uncertain rooms.

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Pleated blinds for the measure are functional and esthetic products for windows due to their unique fabric, which, unlike the classic roller blinds, resembles a harmonious design. A wide range of colors offers virtually unlimited scene options. The fabric itself is made of polyester coated with a special anti-static impregnation which prevents the dust from being absorbed into the fabric. Aluminum bars that hold harmony guarantee product stability, lightweight design, and long-lasting durability. The plastic components are made of high-quality plastic, making them look very good and resistant to damage.

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We offer woven fabrics as single or double fabrics of Honeycomb, which resemble a honeycomb on the side. They come in different colors, in different levels of darkness, but some of them also have an extra pearl coating that works as thermal insulation. These pleated blinds provide excellent protection for windows and interiors against excessive sun radiation and help control the degree of darkness, natural light flow, and internal heat flow. The FamilyRollo online store ensures the highest quality products and is delivered to the customer with express assistance from courier companies. We offer the most fashionable colors of the fabrics for your pleated blinds in your home that will transform any room. We offer pleats for every window, thermal insulation pleats to protect your rooms from excessive heat, and 100% blackout pleats.

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No drill pleated blinds - use

The pleated blind made to measure – no drill - is a product that can mask any part of the window. The ease of operation and the ability to adjust the pleat in any position of the window frame and window are the main advantages of this blind. These fabrics will also make the fabric fit your extra needs. It combines functionality with a unique look, but is also the perfect solution for any window or interior. No drill assembly of the pleats, unlike invasive assembly, makes it easy for everyone to handle. The no drill installation of the pleated blinds also offers two mounting methods that allow you to mount the pleat on each window of your home. Hanging brackets that only clip on the top and bottom edges of the window frame or the glued hangers are undoubtedly one of the simplest mounting methods. The biggest difference between pleated blinds and roller blinds is that, the pleat does not fold into a cassette placed on the window frame, as is the case with the classic roller blind. This means that even if they are rolled up, they will still remain on the glass, although of course, they will not cover a large area of the glass. This has its advantages, especially if you want to cover a specific part of the window, where is the sun behind, for example. To do this, you don't have to lower the entire pleat, just cover the window where you want it - even the middle part of the glass. Consider whether this freedom is what you are looking for - there are many pleats in our range that distinguish between no drill mounting on the window frame, without drilling. This is particularly important in rented flats.

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