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Features of Velvet curtains

  • Curtains on a wide-band wrinkle manufactured to the individual size of the customer
  • Material 100 % polyester
  • Mounting on safety pins, hooks, or frogs. On each type of curtain rod.
  • Wrinkled tape with hook-on pockets
  • The bottom of the curtain is finished with an esthetic appeal of 10 cm
  • The sides of the curtain are 2 cm wide
  • Available widths are 71, 148, 222, 296, 370 and 444 cm
  • The width of the curtain is given before the wrinkle and the proposed wrinkling is 2:1 (the blind is 148 cm wide after the wrinkling is 74 cm wide).
  • The curtains are 222 to 296 cm wide and are sewn from two pieces of fabric, and wider than 296 cm from three. This is due to the width of the fabric, which is 152 cm
  • Height of blind max. 400 cm
  • Permitted tolerance in height of curtains +/- 2 cm. This is due to the special features of velour Velvet fabrics
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Fabric for Velvet curtains

The materials from which our curtains are made are soft velvet polyester fabrics intended for their manufacture. The high quality of our curtains is confirmed by hygiene certificates and by the standard 100 Oko-Tex certification. The materials are fully safe for health and meet global requirements for the content of harmful chemicals.

Dimensions of curtains

Determine the width to cover the dead curtain and add 80% to 100% depending on how hard the curtain is to be wrinkled. If you plan to hang a blind on frogs or safety furniture, measure the height of the curtain from the frog or floor or parapet.

If you plan to hang the blind on hooks or safety pins for the pockets in the tape, consider the height of the curtains at what height the pockets are for which you plan to hook the blind. The tape description below describes the distances at which the pockets are located.

If you want your curtain to lie down on the floor, add about 20 cm to the height.

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The velvet curtains included in the Familyrollo range stand out for a wide range of applications. They are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or children's rooms. You can decorate your balcony Windows or terrace exit. The velvet curtains not only decorate the room perfectly, giving it a touch of personality, they also have a practical function because they block the light coming inside the room.



Soft and attractive fabric

Velvet is a soft, velvet-covered fabric that is soft and comfortable to touch. This is why this fabric is most often used for curtains. Velour is a material that is softly laid on a window. It is very resistant to creases. The fabric is white from the back, which is on the left, so it does not fade under the influence of sunlight.

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Curtains and roman blinds

For a touch of luxury, choose a classic Roman shade from delicate, transparent fabric and a velour curtain. This combination is often recommended by interior designers and decorators, and in itself is a very practical solution. The roman is a company-owned rolet, which can be raised or lowered. The curtain is a supplement to the decoration and, when covered, it is a practical cover as it provides intimacy and protects against sunlight.



Curtains and wooden blinds

Curtains combined with wood shutters are a very popular choice in recent times. We recommend them especially for those who want a pleasant night's sleep. Velvet curtains are thick and fleshy, while blocking bright sunlight or artificial light from the outside. The wooden blinds will introduce an adjustable shade into the interior and create a very interesting decorative effect.


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Clean curtains

The Velvet cloth is suitable for vacuum cleaning with a soft hair tip. Higher dirt can be washed, but in this case follow the manufacturer's instructions. This will make the curtains look elegant for a long time. When washing at low temperatures of 30 degrees, it is best to add a little liquid for delicate fabrics. We are drying by hanging slightly damp directly on the carnitine. If necessary, you can iron the material on the left side only to avoid damage to the bristles. Put a soft towel underneath.



Wrinkled band tape

The tape width is 10 cm, has 4 cords for wrinkle, and 3 rows of pockets. The first row of pockets is 1.5 cm high from the top of the curtain, the second one 2.5 cm high and the third one 3.8 cm from the top of the curtain. To properly crush the curtain, pull the 4 webbing cords out of the way. Wrinkling is done by pulling the laces on both ends of the webbing and making this procedure most comfortable for 2 people.

Important! To block the wrinkle, tie the laces. Do not cut the ends of the laces as you will not be able to straighten the webbing again. The blind after death should measure about half the width of the curtain ordered.


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Velour Curtain

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