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Types of Roman roller blinds mounted on a wall or ceiling:

  1. Premium Roman blind
  2. Basic Roman Blind

Roman wall or ceiling-mounted blinds are a solution for customers who want a beautiful Roman blind but spend a small amount. Applies primarily to large Windows and Windows of any size.

The Roman curtains can be mounted either to a wall or to a ceiling. The system of Roman roller blinds is ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, or office rooms. Roman blinds mounted to the wall can also be used in representative rooms, offices, reception rooms, galleries.

This type of shield is ideal for applications where sun protection is needed and high-quality esthetics and design are required.

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Roman blinds on measure

This is an ideal option for those who want to install blinds in small bathroom Windows as well as in large living room Windows. We offer a wide selection of fabrics, which we are precision-pressing about one millimeter. We guarantee that the dimension is consistent for each product to provide you with full satisfaction.

Why is worth to order Roman blinds for measure from Familyrollo shop?

When ordering roman blinds for a dimension in our online shop, you get a lot of benefits. Simply measure your window according to our instructions and place your order so you get the blinds that fit perfectly into your window. The benefits we provide by providing you with a cut-to-size roller are:

  • precise fit measure for large and small windows.;
  • The guarantee of conformity of the dimension, according to which we will cut your blind free of charge if it does not meet the agreed parameters
  • fast order time and fast delivery;
  • Help you with measurement, as a guide to our measurement guide.

Choose the family Rollo size blinds and get a blind guarantee match to your Windows by one millimeter

Order the roman blinds from the FamilyRollo now to enjoy more comfort in your own home as soon as possible. Choose a color, take the measurement and place an order. We will provide you with a perfectly cutted rollers that will fit perfectly with your Windows.

Choose a personalized and reliable solution – order Roman blinds matching the dimension from FamilyRollo.

Roman blinds are a great way to style Windows in the living room. They provide a high level of comfort for the living room, through adequate shading and privacy protection. They are comfortable to install and use and are safe for the youngest users. Many mounting options and a wide range of colors allow you to decorate your living room in a unique way. Find out why you should install roman blinds in your living room and how to choose them for your interior.

Roman blinds for the living room – why is it worth?

By installing Roman blinds in your living room, you gain many benefits and significantly increase your comfort. The advantages of Roman blinds are decorative and practical. They can be summarized in the following points:

  • effective decoration in your style - Roman blinds for the living room are available in many colors and made of beautiful fabrics. You can easily adjust the right blinds to complement your current living room decor. You can also completely change its character by choosing expressive Roman blinds in the chosen style;
  • regulation of the degree of shading - Roman blinds allow you to completely cover the window or keep it at any height. You can create a cozy atmosphere in your living room and ensure the comfort of optimal lighting;
  • convenience and safety of use - our Roman blinds are equipped with the Child Safety system. It prevents the curtain from falling down, keeping it at a set height;
  • privacy in your living room - by installing Roman blinds in your living room, you can provide yourself and your guests with maximum privacy. Covering the windows completely will allow you to avoid the curious eyes of your neighbors during parties, visits and emotional moments;
  • the comfort of watching movies and photos - Roman blinds will allow you to eliminate light reflections from monitors and TV screens. Thanks to this, you can comfortably watch photos or videos in your living room.

What factors to consider when choosing Roman blinds for the living room?

In order to create a unique atmosphere in your living room, when choosing Roman blinds, pay attention to several factors. First of all, match the color of the blinds to the decor of your living room, as well as to its size. Also decide whether you prefer to mount the blinds to the window frame or to the wall or ceiling. Select also roller blinds, guided by the quality of the materials and careful workmanship.

Order Roman blinds for the living room and create a unique design in it

Beautiful, folded Roman blinds in the right color will allow you to create a unique atmosphere in your living room. Thanks to them, you can obtain the optimal degree of shade in your relaxation area. You can also decorate the reception area in a unique way. Choose Roman blinds that will emphasize the unique character of your living room.

Roman blinds for bedroom

Roman blinds for the bedroom are an excellent choice for people who want to rest comfortably and protect their privacy. They provide perfect shading of the bedroom without reducing visibility. They effectively protect against neighbors' eyesight and provide ideal conditions for intimacy. The beautiful, pleated design of colorful blinds will also allow you to decorate your bedroom to your own taste. Find out why it is worth choosing Roman blinds for the bedroom and order the most beautiful blinds for your home.

Why is it worth buying Roman blinds for the bedroom?

Roman blinds for bedrooms have several functions and provide many important benefits. The most important advantages of roller blinds in a home bedroom are:

  • protection of privacy - Roman blinds provide full privacy when the window is completely covered. They protect against unwanted eyesight by neighbors and guarantee the possibility of complete freedom in the bedroom; comfort of shading the interior - the possibility of adjusting the degree of sunlight provides maximum comfort in the bedroom. You can create ideal conditions for sleep during the day and at night by suppressing the light of the sun or street lamps;
  • beautiful, decorative look - Roman blinds for bedrooms are available in many expressive and calm colors. You can create an atmospheric relaxation zone with them, beautifully decorating the interior according to your taste. Even folds and high-quality materials look great in a bedroom interior;
  • various mounting options - you can mount the blinds to the window frame or to the wall or ceiling. No-drill assembly will allow you to avoid the holes. Different mounting options also allow you to achieve different visual effects.

Which Roman blinds fit the bedroom? Basic selection criteria

When ordering Roman blinds for a bedroom, it is worth following a few important criteria. The first is the degree of maximum blackout. Choose Roman blinds if you do not want complete darkness, but strong shading of the interior.

You should also take into account the color of the blinds, as it may affect your sleeping and rest comfortably. Soft colors such as blue, green, or beige work best in the bedroom. Finally, consider the method of installation that will work best in your interior and will be the most comfortable for you.

Order Roman blinds for your bedroom and create the perfect conditions to sleep in your bedroom

Roman blinds for bedrooms with FamilyRollo will provide you with increased comfort of rest and 100% privacy. Choose the most beautiful blinds, take measurements from your bedroom windows and order your new Roman blinds. Create a unique atmosphere and ideal conditions for sleep and rest in your bedroom.

Roman blinds in our offer are available at reasonable prices, which depend on several factors. Our blinds are made of the highest quality durable fabrics and created with the utmost care. This is why they exceed the price of cheap Roman blinds.

In contrast to them, our roller blinds are characterized by durability, beauty, comfort, and safety of use. Taking into account the high quality of our products, we try to adjust their costs to the real financial capabilities of our clients. Check what the price of our roller blinds depends on and how much the roller blinds cost in our store.

What decides the price of Roman blinds?

The cost of Roman blinds depends on several factors. First of all, you should consider the dimensions of the blinds. Cut-to-size roller blinds may be slightly more expensive than ready-made roller blinds in standard dimensions. In addition, the greater the amount of materials, the higher the price of the blinds. Another factor affecting the cost of Roman blinds is the quality of the materials used.

Is it worth buying cheap Roman blinds?

It is hard to expect that the surprisingly cheap Roman blinds will be high-quality products. Most often, suspiciously low prices mean low-quality materials and careless workmanship. This translates into a short life of the roller blinds, their falling off, and breakdown of mechanisms. Instead of buying cheap blinds, invest in curtains that will last for years without needing to be replaced.

How much do Roman blinds cost in FamilyRollo?

We want our roller blinds to be affordable for our customers. That is why the prices of Roman blinds in FamilyRollo are reasonable. Roller blinds from the Premium offers are slightly more expensive than the roller blinds from the Basic category. We highly recommend checking out our promotional offers. The price of roller blinds at FamilyRollo is a reasonable compromise between the highest quality of materials and workmanship and our willingness to provide customers with affordable solutions.

Choose high-quality Roman blinds at a favorable price from a proven manufacturer

Do not risk buying blinds that will break down in a short time. Order Roman blinds from a manufacturer that cares about quality and offers reasonable prices. Choose our Roman blinds and invest your money in comfort for many years.

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