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Pleated window blinds is a type of sun visor in the form of an accordion harmonica pressed fabric placed on the profiles. Pleated blinds are rolled and unrolled manually from above or below. Non-invasive Premium pleated blinds for the window and Basic pleated blinds for mounting on the glazing bead are available at Familyrollo online store.

How does the lighting control work for the pleated blind?

The option of rolling the pleats from above and below translates into increased functionality of the blind. By covering selected parts of the window, you can precisely adjust the amount of light entering the room. This function is especially useful when two people use the same room for different reasons. You can then cover the part of the window through which piercing rays of sunlight fall, leaving the rest of the window exposed.

Why should you choose pleated window blinds?

Pleated blinds for window are a modern solution to the home and office interiors. They allow more precise regulation of the amount of light entering the room. By installing pleated blinds on windows, you gain many significant benefits:

  • the pleated blind covers the entire window, archiving the effect of a very dark interior
  • it covers any part of the window, preventing excessive sunlight from entering the interior without losing needed light
  • prevents the reflection of light on the TV screen or computer
  • creates an effective, modern design in the room
  • match the colour of the pleat to the size of the room by optically enlarging it

Install window pleats in the window and gain possibilities of lighting control in your home and office

The FamilyRollo online store provides beautiful and modern window pleats for windows in many colours and shades. You can match it to the windows in your bedroom, living room, office or even the bathroom. Pleats on the windows will increase your comfort of relaxation, work and will allow several people to use one room without interference. Check our offer and choose the best pleats for windows to create an optimally lit area for relaxation and work.

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