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What do you need to know about fabric properties? Check our practical guide

Before making a decision about the perfect roller blind, you should wonder what kind of needs this product must meet at first. There is a wide range of colors and types of fabrics and also types of installation.

What are the most important properties needed to know?

The location of the building in relation to directions of the world and the degree of the sunlight are of high importance. Windows from the south and west are illuminated with warm, orange sunlight. In this case, fabrics in neutral colors are recommended. Windows, oriented to the east and north have less light, so they should be in intense colors of fabrics that visually warm them under the influence of sunlight.

It’s important to consider the room for which you would like to install blinds. Not all blinds fabrics are suitable for all rooms.


Reflection - the reflection of light through the fabric

The amount of reflected sunlight has a value from 0 to 100%. The higher the value is given in the technical parameters, the better the properties of a fabric. Materials with a high reflection coefficient are recommended for windows facing south or southwest. There is strong sunlight for most of the day. It is worth paying attention to Thermoblock materials covered with an additional aluminum coating on the side of the glass.

Block-out fabrics (also known as ‘blackout’ fabrics) offer you maximum protection from heat, glare, and UV rays as well as maintain excellent insulation.

Transmission - light transmission through the fabric

Rays are transmitted through the fabric to the inside. The transmission ratio is between 0 and 100%. The smaller the value is given for the selected type of fabric, the greater the degree of shade we obtain.
It is worth obtaining the optimal set of parameters in the case of windows facing north and choosing a fabric made of a light, transparent material. The fabric should not completely block light, but only diffuse it. The interior will gain a pleasant atmosphere. The light reaches the interiors with windows facing north evenly. These rooms, however, may seem dark and cool, which is why it is so important to choose the right window blinds and accessories.
Materials with zero or very low transmission are especially recommended for bedrooms. People who need complete blackout in the room due to the changing lifestyle during the day should choose materials with the option of 100% blackout, with the lowest transmission and the highest possible reflection. These fabrics prevent sunlight from entering the interior and reflect it effectively.

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Absorption - Light absorbed by the fabric and converted into heat energy

The lower its value, the less light will come from outside. Bright materials transmit up to 50% more natural light than dark ones and also absorb less sunlight. Recommended for living room and dining room.
The fabric with an additional rubber coating will ensure the highest degree of shade. If we choose blinds made of transparent fabrics, we will get subtle, gently diffused light.

Dark blinds will be perfect for the bedroom, while light ones or those made of translucent fabrics are better suited for the living room or kitchen.
Fabrics differ in patterns, structure, thickness, and light transmittance. The reflection, transmission, and absorption coefficients given in the technical data of the product provide the most important information on the parameters corresponding to the needs of your room.


Choosing the wrong type of blind fabric or material could leave you with a window covering that does not provide the look or function that you were aiming for. 

We understand the importance of choosing the right fabrics for different applications within your home and will ensure that your goals are achieved if you will use our directions.

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