Wooden blind 50 mm - mounted on the wall, material After Rain

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Control side of the 50 mm wooden blind mounted on the wall
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Product description

Properties of 50 mm wooden blinds:

  • made-to-measure blinds
  • wooden slats made of Basswood or pressed bamboo
  • the folded shutter package occupies 10% of its height plus 7 cm
  • mounting components made of aluminum and powder-coated steel
  • mounting to the wall in the window recess or directly to the window frame
  • the ability to stop the blinds in any position
  • the slats can be rotated on both sides
  • smooth regulation of light flow
  • the blinds are made only on a rope ladder
  • there is possibility of making blinds on tape ladder


FamilyRollo wooden blinds are equipped with Twist mounting brackets, which should be screwed with screws or dowels. Most often they are mounted to the wall or ceiling but they can also be installed on a window recess or window frame.

The mechanism

The blinds are operated with knob and strings. During the ordering process, the customer selects the control side, the side on which the strings and the handle should be installed. The string is used to raise and lower the blinds and the knob is used to turn the slats.

Cleaning and maintenance

Clean the wooden blinds with a slightly damp cloth without the use of detergents. Dusting with a bristle brush can help. Please note that we are dealing with thin wooden slats that do not like a lot of water.

Easy to order

Download the measurement instructions, measure the window according to it and you will find that determining the correct dimensions is extremely simple. Enter the width and height of a wooden shutter 25 mm in the configurator on our website and you will immediately find out the price of the size you choose. You also need to enter the control side , the side you want the strings on and the control knob. If you choose mounting on a window frame you can choose the so-called Fix side guide. These are the links that keep the blind in the same position as the window. For example when a window is tilted. The Fix side guide is not normally used when mounted on a wall or in a recess.

Wooden blinds in the kitchen and dining room

The kitchen is an individual room of each hostess in which there are rules set by her. Blinds will help you ensure intimacy to be able to act freely and prepare great dishes for your loved ones. They guarantee the privacy you deserve and decorate well.

Wooden blinds in a stylish living room

The feature of the blinds is that they will fit perfectly into any interior. They will also provide a great decorative effect in a stylish atmosphere.

Wooden blinds in modern interior

Shades of white and gray are perfect for modern, minimalist interiors. This solution is one of the most frequently chosen by interior decorators.

Belt ladder in 50 mm blinds

It is an additional decorative finish in the form of vertical stripes. Most often they are selected to the color of the lamellas, but you can try to make a contrast. Belt ladders look great with larger blinds. The width of the tape is 38 mm.

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