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Roller blinds for roof windows

When looking for roller shutters for a roof window, it is often difficult to find the perfect solution. The most common windows of well-known brands such as FAKRO, VELUX, ROTO and many others are on the market. FamilyRollo offers roller shutters for every window, even atypical, made to order. It is only important that your window has a rectangular shape. Whether you have recently moved into a new house with an attic or are renovating your existing attic, check out our solutions and our prices. Finding the perfect blackout blind for roof windows is a very easy task and the friendly configurator will help you find the perfect blind.

An important issue is also the selection of the right material for roller blinds for roof windows. In FamilyRollo you will find fabrics of various transparency and grammage, as well as additional properties. For the attic, it is wise to choose a material that reflects the sun's rays, using a pearl coating. It prevents the interior from heating up, which is very easy in the attic. These types of fabrics are not always fully blackout and let some light into the room.

However, if the attic is to be dark or serves as a children's room or bedroom, it is wise to choose gummed blinds with 100% blackout. The black-out layer blocks the access of light, so it creates good conditions for a peaceful sleep. It is worth remembering that the roller blinds for roof windows are designed in such a way that they can be stopped in any three positions. On the left and right, the fabric does not cover the entire glass and there is a slight light lumen. It is the specificity of this product that is inevitable.

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