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Pleats for roof windows

Roof window pleats are the perfect solution for people looking for practical and aesthetic solutions. The FamilyRollo pleated blinds are operated from top to bottom and bottom to top, so you can cover the entire window or a selected area. You decide how much light to let inside and we give you a product ideally suited to your window. FamilyRollo will make pleats for each roof window, regardless of whether it is a company window, typical of a well-known brand or made to individual order.

The skylight pleats are covers made of a special fabric, arranged in evenly pleated folds, and aluminum profiles. They are operated with handles and if the window is at a distance, you can order a special handle. The pleat is equipped with appropriate side guides made of steel cords, which guarantee that the fabric will not hang around. The pleat is mounted right next to the glass, thanks to which it does not interfere with anything and the window can be opened and closed to the full extent.

FamilyRollo pleated blinds are the best way to fully control daylight in your room. They will create a unique decorative effect, protect the interior from sunlight and provide the required intimacy when needed. All these features will work well in attic rooms, e.g. in the living room, children's room, bedroom, dining room and bathrooms.

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