Non-invasive Day and Night mini roller blind (98 Product)

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Child Safety

All of our blinds are designed with safety in mind. So, wherever there are hanging cords or loops we'll provide you with all the relevant safety devices and instructions on how to use them. In order to comply with the British safety standard EN13120 these devices must be installed alongside your blind. Details of how to install them are included in the installation guides.


Mini Day and Night roller blinds combine the exclusive nature of the covers with an affordable price and a simple, non-invasive assembly system. These are functional Day and Night blinds without any interference with the window. Just like classic Day and Night blinds (free-hanging), they consist of alternately arranged dimming and transparent stripes. The fabrics are wound on rolls located at the top and bottom, which allows conveniently control the light flowing into the room. You can completely darken the interior at night, and during the day set the belts in such a way as to guarantee a sense of privacy, and at the same time leave it access to sunlight. The non-invasive day and night roller blind does not require drilling, because it is placed directly on the window sash (using special hooks available in the set).

The FamilyRollo online store is run by a direct manufacturer of sun visors, which is why non-invasive day and night blinds are available to size. All you need to do is choose the appropriate length and width of the blind, the color of the fabric and system, and the control side, and we will provide a solution tailored to your needs.

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