Non-invasive blind Day and Night in a PVC cassette - mechanism (chain) white, fabric white (FLORYDA 01 Lowest price)

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Product description

 Main features of non-invasive Day and Night blinds in a cassette

  • The blind is custom made to the individual client
  • The cassette is made of high-quality plastic, identical to that used in the production of windows
  • Impregnated polyester material
  • Non-invasive installation with double-sided adhesive tape
  • Adhesive side guides, fabric stabilizing system
  • Multi-Stop system for raising and lowering the roller blind material
  • The personalized side of control of the roller blind
  • 6 colors of the cassettes with a bead chain - to be chosen by the customer
  • The roller blinds with a metal chain can be ordered in three colours


Non-invasive Day and Night FamilyRollo blinds are mounted to window frame. Cassette and side guides bonded with high quality double sided adhesive tape. Because of this solution you won't loose window warranty.

The usage

All of our blinds are equipped with Multi-Stop system which is controlled by the bead chain. The chain is connected with the mechanism for raising and lowering the blind therefore the blind will not fall automatically. The chains are available in 6 colours as well as system colours. For the safety of children, all Familyrollo roller blinds are equipped with child safety devices

The type of fabric used for Day and Night blinds

The materials from which our Day and Night blinds are made are specialized polyester fabrics intended for their production. The high quality of our fabrics is confirmed by hygienic certificates and the Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certificate. The materials are completely safe for health, and also meet the global requirements for the content of harmful chemicals.



Cleaning and maintenance

The fabric of Day and Night roller blinds is covered with special impregnation, which prevents dust and dirt from entering the fabric structure. Most of the dirt may be erased with rubber or cleaned with damp, soft cloth soaked in water. The fabric may be hoovered with soft hair-tip of the vacuum cleaner. Roller blinds Day and Night must not be washed in the washing machine or ironed.


Placing an order

  • Download the measurement instructions, measure the window according to the guidelines on our website and you will find that determining the correct dimensions is extremely simple
  • Enter in the configurator on our website the width and height of the non-invasive Day and Night blind in a cassette and get the price for the size you require.
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