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Child Safety

All of our blinds are designed with safety in mind. So, wherever there are hanging cords or loops we'll provide you with all the relevant safety devices and instructions on how to use them. In order to comply with the British safety standard EN13120 these devices must be installed alongside your blind. Details of how to install them are included in the installation guides.

Non-invasive Day and Night roller blinds will allow you to get maximum comfort and privacy in every room. Thanks to them, you will get a comfortable nap at high noon and protection from neighbors' eyesight in the evening with the light on.These benefits are available while maintaining the manufacturer's warranty for the window frames. It is possible because you do not need a drill to mount our blinds. Find out what the advantages of non-invasive day and night blinds are and how to install them.

Non-invasive Day and Night roller blinds - what is their assembly?

Non-invasive Day and Nightroller blinds you can install it yourself, even if you do not have specialist knowledge. Installation of non-invasive roller shutters is possible without the use of a drill. You don't have to drill window holes, so you keep the manufacturer's warranty for them. You can install non-invasive Day and Night blinds without a cassette or with a cassette. Roller blinds mounted in a cassette will be ideal for sloping windows in roofs.

What advantages has non-invasive Day and Night roller blind?

Non-invasive Day and Night roller blinds has a lot of advantages. They translate into long and comfotable use. These blinds will allow you to increase your sense of security, privacy and comfort in any room. The most important advantages of Day and Night roller blinds are :

  • the possibility of full or partial blackout of the room around the clock,
  • maximum privacy thanks to full protection against the eyes of neighbors and passers-by,
  • easy and quick installation without losing the warranty on the window frames
  • possibility of installing roller blinds even in sloping windows without side clearances,
  • the function of an effective window decoration in many color variants,
  • possibility to order roller blinds to the size of each window,
  • guarantee of compliance of the roller blind dimensions with the parameters specified in the order,
  • fast delivery of our products,
  • high durability of roller blinds made with the utmost care
  • availability of blinds at affordable prices and frequent promotions

Order non-invasive day and night blinds - create comfort and privacy zones in your home

Choose roller blinds from our offer or order non-invasive day and night roller blinds to size. Provide yourself and your household members with the highest comfort of rest and spending time together. Keep the manufacturer's warranty on the window frames and create a privacy zone with one smooth hand movement.

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