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Child Safety

All of our blinds are designed with safety in mind. So, wherever there are hanging cords or loops we'll provide you with all the relevant safety devices and instructions on how to use them. In order to comply with the British safety standard EN13120 these devices must be installed alongside your blind. Details of how to install them are included in the installation guides.

In the FamilyRollo offer, you can easily compose roller blinds made of fabrics and systems in a variety of colors. You will find light and dark materials in neutral and saturated colors. You can design day and night roller blinds that will be an effective decoration of your rooms. Colorful day and night roller blinds are perfect covers for the bedroom, office, living room or bathroom. Check what colors of roller blinds and systems we offer and find out how to match them to your interior.

Day and Night roller blinds - colours

Day and night roller blinds in the FamilyRollo offer are available in many color variants. You will find roller blinds in warm colors as well as in cool or neutral shades. In terms of color, we can divide our blinds into three groups:

  • bright day and night blinds  - we offer day and night blinds in bright colors, such as white, beige, blue or gray. In some cases, you can also choose blinds in a lighter or darker shade;
  • dark day and night blinds - day and night blinds are also available in dark colors. We produce brown, black, purple, navy blue and dark gray blinds;
  • day and night blinds in vivid colors - you can also choose blinds in saturated colors, such as green or red. You can also choose fabrics in sunny colors - yellow and orange.

Colors of the day and night roller blinds system

In addition to many colors of fabrics, we also offer a variety in terms of the color of the blind mounting system. Thanks to this, you can compose a harmonious whole that will fit into the atmosphere of your interior. We offer systems in dark colors, such as brown, walnut and mahogany. You will also find brighter systems with us. The available colors are white, silver, anthracite, golden oak, light oak and Winchester.

Day and night blinds - colors for every interior

In FamilyRollo you will find day and night blinds in colors that match any room. We offer roller blinds in colors that match all home and business spaces. Blinds in light and soft colors are often chosen for bedrooms and bathrooms. Curtains in vivid, saturated colors are usually an element of interior decoration in business and restaurants. They harmonize with the company colors and contribute to the atmospheric interiors of the premises. However, they can successfully decorate other interiors, such as living rooms or children's rooms. Dark blinds look stylish in entertainment venues and offices, and even private rooms.

How to choose the colors of day and night roller blinds? Color selection criteria

When choosing the color of roller blinds for your interior, take into account several criteria. In fact, any color can work in a bedroom, office or living room. Nevertheless, it is worth considering the influence of a given color on the quality of rest or work. Much also depends on the size of the interior and its decoration. The most important criteria for selecting day and night blinds are:

  • size of the room - dark colors in small rooms overwhelm. To add a sense of spaciousness to small rooms, choose bright day and night blinds;
  • purpose of the room - if you are looking for blinds for sleep and rest zones, choose subdued colors, such as beige or green. Use orange or red to decorate entertainment zones;
  • the ratio of saturated to neutral colors in the room - if your interior is dominated by one vivid color against the background of subdued shades, do not compete with it. Choose roller blinds in the same color as the distinctive accessories or neutral roller blinds;
  • convenience of cleaning - all our roller blinds are covered with a layer that protects the fabrics against dirt. However, if you especially care about reducing the visibility of possible dirt, choose the appropriate color of the blinds. Dirt will be least visible on brown or gray roller blinds.

Choose the color of the fabric and system and create the perfect decoration in the form of a day and night roller blind

Check what colors of fabrics and systems we offer at FamilyRollo. Create a harmonious whole by choosing the perfect decoration for your bedroom, office or living room. Choose the most beautiful day and night blinds in light, dark, neutral or saturated colors. Ensure privacy protection, optimal blackout and effective decoration in one.

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