PREMIUM window pleated blind - mechanism (chain) white, fabric black (Black magic)

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Control handle 100 cm
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Product description

Features of Premium window pleats

  • Pleated blinds are produced to customer individual dimensions
  • Guides supporting fabric are made of aluminium, available in colours most commonly found in window joinery
  • Mounting components are made of high-quality plastic
  • Fabric blinds made of pleated polyester
  • Installation to the glazing bead with tiny screws, without losing the window warranty
  • The pleated blind set to stop in any position
  • The window can be covered from below
  • Bidirectional system
  • The possibility of using the control handle from a distance


Premium Familyrollo window pleats are provided with mounting cubes, which are mounted to the glazing bead with tiny screws. Do not screw them to the window frame but the window strip, therefore you will not lose the warranty on the window. Glazing beads are a replaceable element of the window.

The usage for Premium pleats

The pleats operate through handles which are located on the upper and lower guides. If there is a need to operate the pleat from a greater distance a 100 cm long control handle can be ordered.

Advantages of Premium window pleats

Custom-made pleats are one of the most practical types of window covers chosen by our clients. The ability to control the cover from below and above makes it possible to set the pleat in any position. An undoubted advantage of this product is also an attractive price and easy installation. Discreet mounting components and a high level of aesthetics mean that the pleats fulfil all their protective functions against the sun and neighbours and also be a coherent element of your interior decoration. The great versatility of use, simplicity of assembly, the comfort of use is the reason why Premium pleats are trendy.

Pleated fabric

Pleated fabric, arranged in a harmonica, gives the possibility of folding the fabric as a blind. The folded pleat takes up very little space, the even folds of the fabric fold into aesthetic, even harmonica. The fabric used for our pleats is 100% polyester. The high quality of our fabrics is confirmed by hygiene certificates and the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. The fabric is safe and meets global requirements for the content of harmful chemicals.

Cleaning and maintenance

The pleated fabric is covered with special impregnation. It prevents dust from sticking in and dirt from entering the fabric structure. Most dirt may be erased with a school eraser and the stronger ones with a damp, soft cloth using just water. The pleated fabric is also suitable for vacuuming with a soft hair-tip of the vacuum cleaner. In the case of more severe dirt, window pleats can be washed by hand at 30 degrees C. For washing, use a mild detergent designed for polyester fabrics (liquid soap will also work well). It is most convenient to prepare water with detergent in the tub and soak the entire pleat in it for about 15 minutes. This will initially get rid of the biggest dirt. The next step is gently soaking the fabric in water and hand wash it. Pleats must not be crushed, rubbed or scrubbed with a brush, as this will destroy the fabric. After rinsing it in cold water and squeezing out excess water, install a pleat on the window. Drying pleated fabric should take place in the closed position of the folded fabric. Therefore the fabric will continue to form pleated folds and will not lose its properties.

Simple ordering method

Download the measurement manual, measure the window according to it or watch the movie on our website and you'll find that determining the right dimensions is extremely simple. Enter the width and height of the Premium window pleat in the configurator on our website and you will immediately know the price of the size you selected.

Premium pleats in the bathroom

Pleats guarantee the protection and privacy you need. This is the most practical and innovative cover adapted to the individual dimensions of the windows that will provide you with intimacy protection in an exceptionally designer edition.

Premium pleats in the kitchen and dining room

Premium window pleats will help you to ensure your intimacy in the kitchen where all household can act freely and prepare great dishes for your loved ones. Pleated blinds guarantee the privacy you deserve.

A perfect product. Installation is very easy.
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