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Non-invasive pleated window blinds are convenient, functional covers for windows. Designed in the form of an accordion harmonica made of opaque fabric. Non-invasive pleated blinds can be mounted without having to drill holes in the window frame. Non-invasive Basic pleated blinds allow covering the entire window or just a part of it. The product offers excellent protection against the tiring rays of the sun and at the same time offers great privacy. Basic pleated blinds are mounted easily using clamping handles. You do not have to damage the window frame by drilling holes in it. It is a very practical window cover for those who rent an apartment.

Pleated window blinds non-invasive assembly

The Basic non-invasive pleated blinds are recommended to those who rent a house or an apartment. There is no need to drill holes in the window glazing frame. Non-invasive pleated blinds will also be a great good choice for those who are not sure for how long will they need the blinds. After dismantling the blind, you do not have to replace the window glazing frame with a new one.

Advantages non-invasive pleated blinds

Non-invasive pleated window blinds are a useful solution which may be easily adapted to your needs. The main advantage of this type of blinds is the fact that their installation does not require drilling holes in the window frame. Main benefits:

  • you can easily mount the Basic pleated blinds by yourself, without using a drill
  • you will not damage the window glazing frame, therefore, you will not lose the window manufacturer's warranty
  • simple disassembly of the Basic pleated blind for cleaning or replacing it with another blind

A practical advantage of the Basic non-invasive pleated blind is the fact that it covers not only the surface of the glass but also window the glazing frame. It reduces the window clearances between the blind and window frame.

Pleated Basic window blinds non-invasive assembly - no need to drill the holes

Choose pleated window blinds that can be easily mounted on the window as well as if necessary, disassembled from the window frame. Familyrollo online store offers various colours of the fabric which may be easily adapted to the style of your interior while obtaining optimal darkening. Choose the most attractive non-invasive pleated blinds from our store and get maximum privacy.

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