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Pleated blinds are practical covers that perfectly protect a home or office interiors against harmful sun rays, provide a sense of privacy, and at the same time are a great decoration which emphasizing the interior arrangement. One of the main advantages of this solution is high versatility - pleated blinds fit into every window. For custom window openings, choose pleated blinds.

Custom-made pleated blinds ideal solution for attic windows

Ready-made blinds will work only on windows in standard shapes and dimensions. In the case of larger or unusual window size, custom made pleated blinds are the best solution.

Pleated window blinds are often chosen by owners of houses, apartments and office premises, in which the windows have non-standard dimensions or shapes. Are you arranging a bedroom or a study room in the attic? Classic indoor blinds, unfortunately, will not work in this case. Attic windows light up the interiors very well, making them cosier. However, if you do not want to be woken by the rays of the morning sun entering your bedroom, it is worth installing pleated blinds on the windows. The fabric adheres perfectly to the glass and moves smoothly on the window. Attic windows have different sizes and shapes tailor-made pleated blinds are a perfect solution for rooms in usable attics.

Pleated blinds custom-made for large and nonstandard windows

Apartments in tenements usually have an excellent location in the city centre which is the reason why many people consider them a profitable investment. Most often, those buildings have high windows that perfectly brighten the room and optically enlarge them. At the same time, they require adequate protection from the sun and peering eyes of passers-by and neighbours. Classic blinds fit windows of standard shapes, therefore, in the case of nonstandard windows, they will not work effectively. For the bedroom, blackout pleats are the best choice, and for the living room, dining room and the kitchen, translucent fabrics are a better choice. It brings a cosiness to the interior and only slightly shields the room them from excessive sun.

Pleated blinds are a great choice for large glazing in all types of offices. They can be a shield from above or below it conveniently controls the level of light entering the interior. Pleated blinds can be installed both in offices and in conference or training rooms. Covering the pleated blind across the whole surface of the window glass allows comfortably conducting multimedia presentations.

Pleated blinds made to size - perfectly fitted to the window

Finished window blinds are produced wholesale. It may mean that we purchase window blinds that are too narrow, too wide, too long or too short. Even a few millimetres of difference can make the window blind look bad or make it difficult to open and close the window. Pleated blinds made to measure fit perfectly to the specific window, are functional and elegant.

Custom-made pleated blinds - large selection of designs

Custom-made pleated blinds are made to individual order. All you need to do is to take the appropriate measurements, choose the shade and pattern of the fabric you like and the assembly system. Many customers have a problem because the pleated blinds they favour the most with the right colour and design do not match the dimensions of the window in their home, apartment or office.

Custom-made pleated blinds - how to take the measurements?

For pleated blinds to fit perfectly into our window, the window opening must be measured properly.
For Premium blinds mounted inside the glazing frame, the depth of the window glazing bead must be at least 12 mm. For Basic pleated blinds mounted on the window frame, it is necessary to measure the width of the glass and the height of the window sash (in mm). A configurator is available on our store's website, which, step by step, guides you through the measurement process and let you order blinds perfectly matched to the dimensions of the window as well as the shape of the glazing bead (oblique, oval, at an angle of 90 degrees).

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