Mosquito nets - mechanism (chain) white, fabric grey (Frame mosquito net)

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The modern FamilyRollo frame mosquito nets are made of high-quality powder-coated aluminum profiles. The frame has a fiberglass net covered with grey plastic. Net have rectangular openings measuring 2 mm x 2 mm. The size of the openings in the net was selected in such a way as to effectively stop insects, without obstructing air circulation and not obstructing the view from outside the window. Mosquito nets are delivered to the customer in parts, for self-assembly and installation in the window.

Non-invasive installation

Installation of mosquito nets do not require drilling the holes in a window frame. Without the help of a specialist, we can easily install it with special bolts that do not disturb the window frame. Thanks to this technique of fixing the mosquito nets, it is also easy to disassemble.


The high-quality components used for production ensure that the mosquito net will not spoil the appearance of our window. Our company took care of every detail as well as a wide range of colors of the profiles. The FamilyRollo offer includes frames in white, brown, anthracite, but also in the structural colors of golden oak and walnut. This allows for the proper selection matched to the color of the window frames. The profiles are covered with powder paints resistant to weather conditions and they will not change their color.

Where to use it

FamilyRollo mosquito net can be mounted on a casement windows also casement-tilt windows.Maximum possible width is 1500 mm and maximum height is 2200 mm.

Cleaning and maintenance

The net is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle brush. Systematic vacuuming from the apartment side, without removing the mosquito net, will ensure good air circulation and excellent visibility. The aluminum frames can be cleaned with a cloth with a mild detergent.

Easy to order :

- Download the measurement instruction, measure the window according to it and you will find that determining the correct dimensions is extremely simple

- Enter the width and height in the configurator on our website and you will immediately find out the price of the mosquito net you choose

The set includes :

  • 4 pcs of profiles in the selected color, cut to the given dimensions
  • PVC coated fiberglass net in gray
  • 10 bolts and 10 mounting screws with washers
  • 4 pcs corners
  • 1 pc. handle for inserting and removing the mosquito net
  • gasket
  • net installation tool
This a brilliant idea and something I would be looking at in buying. The problem is that all the windows show of opening into the house. My windows open outwards so this would not really work in my property. Shame!!
Dear Sir,/madam

Please can you handle a competitive contract to supply your company Product in a large Quantity, to the Ministry of Project and Procurement country? Through us as your intermediary Agent.

We will appreciate it more if you can give us with details,

Specification and price lists of your products.

I will be glad to hear from you for more details.


mr muhammad van
Good quality
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