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Child Safety

All of our blinds are designed with safety in mind. So, wherever there are hanging cords or loops we'll provide you with all the relevant safety devices and instructions on how to use them. In order to comply with the British safety standard EN13120 these devices must be installed alongside your blind. Details of how to install them are included in the installation guides.

Custom-made free-hanging blinds created in FamilyRollo are quality window covers made of high-quality materials. In our studio we will make free-hanging roller blinds cut precisely to the size of all your windows. You can adjust them to windows in standard sizes and unusual or very small windows in the bathroom. Their careful workmanship and durable fabrics ensure their long life and safety of use. A wide range of colors and models, from pleats, through day and night blinds, to Roman blinds, will allow you to choose the perfect curtains for the interior of your home and office. Check out our offer and order the most beautiful roller blinds that will provide you with maximum comfort and a sense of privacy.

What do you gain by ordering custom-made free-hanging blinds at FamilyRollo?

By ordering free-hanging roller blinds to size in our online store, you gain many benefits. You can match our blinds to windows in all sizes. This gives you the ability to create uniform styling throughout your home or business. Other benefits that our custom-made free-hanging blinds will provide you with:

  • guarantee of compliance of the dimensions of our roller blinds with the window parameters provided by you,
  • covers in your preferred mounting system
  • eye-catching window covers in the color and model of your choice, which will allow you to decorate the rooms according to your taste
  • the ability to regulate sunlight in each room,
  • the highest quality of rest and protection of your privacy at a reasonable price,
  • safe roller blinds with a self-locking system to prevent their sudden fall

Order free-hanging blinds to the size of your windows and create comfortable work and rest zones

Create yourself, your loved ones and employees comfortable conditions for work, sleep or relaxation. Install custom-sized free-hanging roller blinds in your home and business that will perfectly fit all windows. You can install them in large balcony windows, small bathroom windows and windows of various sizes in your living room, office or kitchen. Order our reliable free-hanging blinds and achieve maximum comfort and sense of security in your home and office.

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