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Child Safety

All of our blinds are designed with safety in mind. So, wherever there are hanging cords or loops we'll provide you with all the relevant safety devices and instructions on how to use them. In order to comply with the British safety standard EN13120 these devices must be installed alongside your blind. Details of how to install them are included in the installation guides.

Non-invasive fabric roller blinds in our offer are high-quality window covers for home and office. Their great advantage is a very quick and easy installation without the use of a drill. Thanks to that you can save your window frames warranty for longer. Non-invasive fabric roller blinds are available in many colours and they are beautiful decoration in every room. Find out why it is worth it to order non-invasive fabric blinds. Explore the way of mounted and create beautiful window arrangement at your home.

Non-invasive fabric roller blinds - installation methods

FamilyRollo non-invasive fabric roller blinds are available in two installation methods. You can choose roller blinds in a cassette or non-invasive mini without the cassette. Both types you can install without the use of a drill or specialistic knowledge. You don't need to make holes in a window or wall. Choosing non-invasive installation you can save your window frames warranty.

Non-invasive fabric roller blinds - wide range of fabric colors and systems

FamilyRollo offers non-invasive fabric roller blinds in wide range of colours. You can create your own composition by selecting fabric and system colours. Our fabric roller blinds are available in bright and dark colours also neutral and saturated colours. You will find beige, green, orange, violet, gray and many other fabrics. You can easily match them to any interior, creating unique arrangements in them.

Why is it worth ordering non-invasive fabric blinds?

FamilyRollo non-invasive fabric blinds has many advantages. They transfer into many benefits that you can get from them. The most important are :

  • the possibility to order custom-made roler blinds , thanks to that you can match perfect blinds for large and small windows
  • wide range of fabric colours and mounting systems which allows to obtain dream, effective style
  • no need to drill holes which allows you to keep the warranty on the window frames
  • quick and easy installation without specialistic knowledge
  • mounted options, with or without cassette
  • the possibility of obtaining maximum comfort thanks to optimal shading of the interior
  • privacy protection for day and night
  • quick delivery to the given address
  • guarantee of the compliance of the dimensions of each of our blinds with the given parameters
  • reasonable prices for roller blinds and attractive promotions

Order FamilyRollo non-invasive fabric roller blinds - create a practical arrangement that will shade your interior

Create at your home comfort zones for a sleep, watching films or meetings. Provide yourself and your family members with a sense of privacy and pleasant shade at home. Get an effective decoration of every room by choosing beautiful and durable non-invasive fabric roller blinds from FamilyRollo.

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